Monday, July 8, 2013

Levi turns Two!

Since TJ is in Colombia for 3 weeks and we were planning on going to the Wengert Reunion anyways, I decided to pack the boys up a few days early and go to my parent's first. We arrived in Marana on Sunday July 7th, Levi's actual birthday. That meant we had to have cake and ice cream for family night that night. :) Ty quickly took over the blowing out the candles part and so we had to have several candles blown out and turn taking involved. Afterwards Ty said, "Presents?" with his hands up. It was pretty funny. 

Yesterday on July 6th was Dallin's discharge date from the hospital!! That meant he was at McKay Dee Hospital from May 30- June 14 and then at Barrows Neurological Cener from June 14- July 6. He even went to church yesterday and bore his testimony. Pretty drastic difference from June's fast sunday to July's. Miraculous. 
It's fun having them here even though they still have quite a long ways to go for recovery. On the 15th he'll start his CTN program- outpatient rehab with the goal of moving back to Logan and going to back to school and work! You can do it, Dallin and Amy!!

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