Thursday, July 25, 2013


The new big thing around here is..... wearing a hat! Or hats! Not sure what sparked their interest suddenly but I think there's nothing cuter than a little boy wearing a hat. Okay, make that a hat and boots. :) 
When I found out Ty was a boy, I decided to "accessorize" him with hats. I was certain he was a girl and was looking forward to bows. So I guess the hat thing was a substitute for bows in a way. :) He wore them just fine as a baby but as he got older and the autism started dominating there was no way I'd ever get a hat on that child's head. I think it was part of the sensory issues. 
Well, now he loves hats! So this is more than just a liking for hats, it's proof that we've tackled and conquered one major part of the autism- some of his sensory issues! Yahoo!

And yes, he thinks it's totally normal to wear as many hats you can find on your head- all day long and in public as well. 

Levi's a simple guy- he prefers just one hat. 

He's just happy if I let him wear his Nemo pajama top as a shirt all day- I pick my battles obviously :)

And yes, the hat stays on even while sleeping :)

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