Thursday, July 11, 2013

Grandma's House

Grandma always spoils these two- it's a good thing more grandkids are coming since these guys don't need all the attention from her!

Could life get any better? Sitting pool side with eegees. Eegees are a Tucson-only subway sandwich place with yummy slushes that we all grew up with. This month is watermelon flavor- yum!

I love my parent's backyard- the boys played outside for hours. By 7 pm, they both asked me if they could go to bed- they were exhausted!!! Love it!! I feel awful though because both boys are sunburned- I feel soooo bad!! I put sunblock on them but I think they were already wet and I didn't do it until they came out under the shady tree. We didn't really grow up putting sunblock on- we NEVER wore it since we were so dark and tan so it's sometimes kinda weird remembering to put it on my kids. I know, I'm a bad mom! I just thought these boys would get more Mexican and Colombian blood in them. I still have no idea how Levi is soooo WHITE. At least Ty tans easy but not with that much sun exposure. Neither of them hurt or complain about it so that's good at least. 

Both boys have a favorite stuffed animal at my parent's house. Ty loves this giraffe. He named it "Long" because of his long neck. I thought that was pretty smart!!

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