Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NOT my favorite thing

This past week we have been.... POTTY TRAINING. 
All I can say is that this is definitely NOT my favorite thing about parenting. Ty's face is basically how I feel about it too.

This is attempt #3 with child but I can honestly say.... it hasn't been that bad!! I'm actually shocked that it's much easier than I expected this time. I attribute it all to the one thing that people have been telling me over and over- wait until they are ready. Well, I can totally say that has made all the difference in the world and it's TRUE! We attempted last Sept. and Oct and we failed miserably. But this time it's clicked and we're doing it!! We still have accidents of course, and by no means are we attempting to be dry at night but this is HUGE for us and I think I can officially say that after two straight years of having 2 in diapers..... we are down to ONE! And it feels awesome. 

The super motivating factor for this guy has been his "potty box" where he gets a prize for going in the potty and a sticker chart. That's made a huge difference. I'm also so grateful for all his teachers at preschool who took on this undertaking with me. I had a meeting with them, we set up a game plan, and off we went!! They were so optimistic and happy to do it that it gave me the much needed hope and determination that we could accomplish it. I was talking to another mom at Ty's school and so often we assume the worse with these guys but it's so rewarding when they surprise us by taking to something easier than we expected them too. Go Ty Ty! 

Last week we went to the zoo- the boys were so excited and especially Ty. He kept singing in the car, "See the animals, see the animals!" It was 78 degrees out and Pioneer Day so not busy at all. I kept thinking of all my AZ friends who would die for that weather in the end of July. :) 

Ty disappeared for a second and then came back and said, "Come see mommy!" I looked over and he had put his hat on the otter statue and put his zoo ticket that he had been holding onto in his hand- he thought it was hilarious!! I tried to catch a good picture of it but he was too excited and laughing and moving too much. 

All the animals were out and about- it was such a great zoo day! The boys were afraid to get closer because the glass was so clear- Levi figured it out but Ty was still scared. 

Nice outfit boys! They chose them.... Levi had to wear his "Parka shirt"- the shirt that looks like one that cousin Parker wears. :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


The new big thing around here is..... wearing a hat! Or hats! Not sure what sparked their interest suddenly but I think there's nothing cuter than a little boy wearing a hat. Okay, make that a hat and boots. :) 
When I found out Ty was a boy, I decided to "accessorize" him with hats. I was certain he was a girl and was looking forward to bows. So I guess the hat thing was a substitute for bows in a way. :) He wore them just fine as a baby but as he got older and the autism started dominating there was no way I'd ever get a hat on that child's head. I think it was part of the sensory issues. 
Well, now he loves hats! So this is more than just a liking for hats, it's proof that we've tackled and conquered one major part of the autism- some of his sensory issues! Yahoo!

And yes, he thinks it's totally normal to wear as many hats you can find on your head- all day long and in public as well. 

Levi's a simple guy- he prefers just one hat. 

He's just happy if I let him wear his Nemo pajama top as a shirt all day- I pick my battles obviously :)

And yes, the hat stays on even while sleeping :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time to make it official....

Some little boys have some exciting news.... 

and they just can't contain their excitement anymore!!

TWO big brothers to be!!! Coming January 2014!!!

Baby of the family  Middle child!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

2 & 3

Not the greatest pictures but at least we are done with pictures for the year and I can check it off my list. If they die, I can say I have a recent picture of them both. 

Ty- 3 years old

30.2 lbs- 33% for weight
37 inches- 39% for height

Levi- 2 years old

23.8 lbs- 6% for weight
34 inches- 36% for height

The best we could get..... someday I'll have nice pictures with them smiling perfectly, posed just right and arms around each other!! :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wengert Reunion

The Deddis surprised Dallin and Amy by borrowing my grandparent's tahoe and went up to Logan and brought down Dolly and Retha, Dallin and Amy's lambs they were raising before the accident. These are basically Amy's babies and they were really surprised when they woke up to them "baaahh"-ing on their front porch. Needless to say it was a very smelly ride for Devin and Teddi but definitely an act of love! :) 

The boys loved going for "rides! I wanna go on a rides!" They were constantly asking....
These boys are obsessed with Tanner. When he comes they go running to him and love laying on him like he's a big teddy bear. :)

More cousins- there were about 90 people there which are all just my aunts, uncles, cousins, and some cousin's kids. I call them immediate extended family. :)

Just my family had 4 cabins- they were so cute! Me and the boys had our own, Deddis, Dallin and Amy, and my parents with Jordy, Naes, and Tan. It worked out perfect. We took up about 20 cabins all together. 

Me and the boys' cabin

Once we got home to my parent's the boys found these headlamps that my dad put on their heads. He turned off all the lights in the house and the boys ran around with these headlights on their heads- they thought it was soooo cool!! Levi fell asleep with his tightly in his hand.

The boys always called my parent's house, "Grandpa's house" and constantly wanted to go there with Grandma. :) It was so awesome spending 10 days with my family, especially with TJ being out of the country in Colombia. I've missed him a lot but my family, especially my mom, has been a HUGE help and made me not feel like a single parent as much. TJ would've enjoyed the reunion and the outdoors so much!! I'm excited for him to go next year. 

We spent 4 days in Glenwood, New Mexico in cabins and went fishing, swimming in the swimming pool, hiking, eating- LOTS, playing horseshoes, and hanging out and talking. It was great. It also was a little scary for some of us with younger kids because you had to keep an eye on them closely. The pond was covered in this green mossy stuff and it almost looked like grass, well, at least it did to Levi because while we were down there once he completely stepped off the dock and right onto the "grass" and into the pond! My Uncle Gordon and I were right there so it was fine but it was funny because we both stood there for 2 seconds wondering what to do- it was too rocky and shallow to jump in, if I bent over I'd fall right in, and so finally I just quickly sat down, put my legs in and grabbed him. But we were laughing afterwards about how he was just floating there in a water while we stared at each other for a while! :) Pool Levi! He was scared. It was a good test to see if swimming lessons worked- he failed this time. :)

More pretty cousins!

We ate a LOT of good food. Each family had a turn for a meal. We made homemade french fries and fajitas- talk about mass quantity! It was awesome. 

Ty had so much fun with cousins. He loved wrestling with Porter, Jaxon and Shad.

There are 7 granddaughter expecting this year or early next year! So exciting!

 It was a very small town so everywhere we went people started at us, especially as we were all wearing our matching shirts. :)

Brynlee is adorable. She's so little and petite and fits perfectly into your lap.

Our cabin didn't have a bath, only a shower, so these boys were sooo filthy by the end! My wet wipe daily bath could only do so much!! 

Poor Ty has missed his dad so much, especially when I get mad at him. He starts crying, while saying and signing, "Dad! I want Dad!" We've skyped with him a few times and Ty gets a kick out of it and has to show him everything he can think of or get his hands on. Levi doesn't get it at all. :)

It would've been really sad to go to the reunion without Dallin. I'm soooo glad he was able to. I thought he'd at least be in a wheelchair or something but really the only thing is just his feeding tube dangling under all his shirts. (He has to wait 6 weeks total before it can come out). This experience has really bonded all of us Wengerts together and reminded us what's most important- so cliche but true. On the Sunday before everyone left, we had a testimony meeting together. Wow, was that powerful. Not a dry eye in the room and of course, most of it centered on what we had learned and experienced these past 6 weeks. He still has a long way to go and isn't completely the same Dally that he used to be but we see glimpses and miracles that have come and will continue to come. He starts his CTN school this week which he'll be in for the next 12-18 months. We have very high hopes and are so grateful- words can't really explain things well so I'll leave it at that. :)