Monday, June 10, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Ty had his End of the Year Celebration at Bridges the day of Dallin's accident, on May 30th. He didn't really graduate since he'll be there the rest of this year and next. But it was still adorable. Ty was doing this weird chewing-on-his-entire-hand thing and drooling everywhere- surprisingly, he was being shy! It was hilarious- the teachers were giving all the kids who were staying in their assigned seats up front a cheeto or a skittle. Several kids were crying or having a melt-down here and there but all us parents could do was laugh because we all TOTALLY understand! It's always an entertaining event when you have a bunch of autistic kids together, trying to do a "neurotypical" activity. :)

Ty getting a cheeto for staying in his seat. :)

The AWESOME Bridges staff!! Britney, Kristyn, Ainsley, Ashley, Cody, Maddi,  Courtney, Kelly, Laurie, and Sarah. 

The closest we could get to getting a picture together of these two- this is Luke, Ty's best friend at preschool. Neither wanted to take a picture together. :)

Levi and Graham- Ty and Luke's little brothers who are always content to just sit and chill :)

When they announced Ty they said, "Ty loves trains, cars and planes. Ty also helps the teacher learn new signs!"

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