Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Wet

Levi got a nice shiner on his forehead by running into the door hinge- two days before our family pictures. Of course. Good thing for photoshop these days!

Ty- 3 years old
Crazy Hendriksen eyebrows with a goofy smile- oh my!!

Levi- 23 months
(I photoshopped the bruise out on this one :)

TJ's work has a summer party at Lagoon every year- the boys liked the Ferris Wheel even if they wouldn't smile cute and Levi looks like an orphan with a messy face and healing bruise.

The lighting was bad on this pictures- dang it- but the boys loved the splash pad at Lagoon the most! Forget the rides! Good thing our admission was free! 

This was right as the water paused for a minute and Ty looked down to see where it was- haha.

How Ty watches TV in the mornings....
A lot of times I bring home these boys stickers from work just for fun. Usually Ty likes them all up and down his legs but not today!

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Meagan said...

Ty's smile might be goofy, but he is SMILING in pictures! So fun!