Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dirty Dash Mud Run

Back in January, I convinced TJ, Dallin and Amy and the Deddis to run the Dirty Dash with me. Me and Jessie and my cousin, Melissa, ran it last year and it was so much fun! We decided our team name was Wingin' Wengerts and thought we'd make some fun costumes that had to do with flying or wings. 

Then Dallin's accident happened and when the race came approached we weren't sure if we should still do it or not. After much debate we decided Dallin would want us to and we'd do it in his honor and add "Dash for Dally" on our shirts. It ended up being so FUN!

Jordan and Tell (Teddi's brother) took Dallin and Amy's spot and Toni came to take pictures (Teddi's sister- the Lindseys were all in town for Devin's graduation). Toni got some great pics!!

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