Monday, June 10, 2013

Devin's Graduation

Devin graduated from an 18 month accelerated Bachelor's degree of Science in Nursing program last Saturday. It was a very intense and difficult program but... he DID it!!!

Levi wasn't too happy to take a picture with Devin.... not sure why...

We also celebrated Janae's 14th Birthday!! Go Nae Nae!!

This weekend we had a lot of things planned since my family was coming up anyways. But suddenly, a lot of things weren't very important anymore and being with Dallin was all that mattered. After those initial few days and once Dallin was stable, we decided to still do a few of the things we had planned, like the Dirty Dash and Devin's graduation. 
However, the boy's double birthday party suddenly wasn't very appealing, even though I had spent several weeks preparing. Oh wel, it didn't really matter anymore. There's always next year!! :)

Devin also had a pinning ceremony the night before the graduation. Devin got to pick one person to "pin him" and he chose me! Even though he made fun of it it was still pretty touching to me that he chose me. :) Devin was able to do his capstone in my ER with me! It was a lot of fun working together and hopefully it can help him get a job somewhere, soon!
Good job, Devin!

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