Monday, June 10, 2013

Dallin's Progress

Dallin in ICU fighting an infection, high temps, lethargic and just not doing very well. This was on Wednesday June 5th, Day 5 of post-accident. These were a rough few days. 

Then, this was yesterday Sunday June 9th, Day 10 of post-accident. He fought that infection well and gradually throughout the day became MUCH more alert and responsive. He was able to state his entire date of birth and when I walked in and grabbed his hand, he said, "Tara Jo" in the same drawl he always says it. It was incredible!! This morning he opened his eyes when Amy walked in and said, "Hello my love." He actually doesn't say anything but mouths everything since the trach is in but hopefully he can learn to talk with it soon. He's still working with PT a lot and is VERY weak. 

Dallin has made amazing progress so far and definitely is not meant to be in a "vegetative state." He has surpassed all the medical team's expectations and is fighting remarkable strong and well. It's still a VERY long road ahead and we can't be completely sure of the deficits he'll have or what his full function will be but we're remaining hopefully and positive! 

This is from the letter I wrote our missionaries:

"Sorry I didn't write last week. I knew mom would and update you on everything going on since our world stopped last week and hasn't really been the same since. Things are much, much better even though it's going to be a VERY long road and may take up to 18 months before we really understand the extent of his brain damage and what his full function will be. But Dallin is alive!!!! He shouldn't be. If you could see the car there is no way you would think anyone could survive that. We know it is a miracle. Since the accident we have been living at the hospital and guest house for a few days and then driving back and forth from our house to Ogden. It's been kinda crazy but good to be here to support Amy and the fam. Kinda different plan of events than we planned for this weekend with Devin's grad- we cancelled the boys' birthday party and centered everything around being at the hospital. 
What's crazy is this Facebook page that TJ set up a week ago- you would have no idea how many people it's reaching and the outpouring of messages of such strength and love and kindness. We've raised $16,000 in a week and there are multiple fund raisers going on. One picture that TJ posted 6 hours ago has 4,000 likes and has reached 80,000 people!! The overall reach for this facebook page has been over 700,000 so far. So many people have reported faith promoting experiences related to Dallin- can't begin to explain what a missionary tool this has been, as much as we wouldn't have chosen it :) All week the 2nd verse of Come, come ye Saints" has been stuck in my head- read it when you can. It gave me such great strength this week. Today was the best moment of all- in between all the worry and waiting and disappointment these past 10 days- today when I walked into dallin's room his eyes were opened and I grabbed his hand and he looked right into my eyes and mouthed "Tara Jo!" It was adorable and a huge accomplishment. I know Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and of Dallin and has a plan for him. Things will all work out. It's hard and will be hard but we can get through it together. All is well so don't worry. 
Yesterday we did the dirty dash- we debated on still doing it or not but decided Dallin would want us to. We made costumes and put on it "wingin Wengerts Dash for Dallin" it was so fun and Dallin would've loved it!! Next year hopefully!! 
Anyways, we've been staying at the guest house on the hospital campus- Ty calls it his home now :) hope you guys had a great week and love you so much!! Don't worry, The Lord is blessing us and Dallin will be okay- eventually. Pray for him and his recovery and for mom and Amy to be strengthened and endure to the end. Love you!!! Love your sis, Tara"

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