Monday, June 3, 2013

Dallin's Accident

Last Thursday night at 9:16 pm, our family's lives changed forever. My 23 year old brother, who is a newlywed with a baby on the way, was involved in a serious car accident in Logan, Utah. His wife, Amy, happened to be driving right behind him and witnessed the whole thing. It was a miracle to begin with that he even survived the crash since he was T-boned by an SVU that was going 60 mph and he was at a standstill. The other driver with his 4 year old daughter walked away from the crash.

His main injury is a traumatic brain injury that we still don't know the full extent of right now. He's been in a coma since then with an unknown prognosis. He had no fractures, some lacerations to his head and shoulder and a bruise on his lung. He was unresponsive at the scene with labored breathing so they stabilized him at Logan Regional, intubated him there and then Lifeflighted him to McKay Dee in Ogden. We spent the last 3 days there 24/7 just waiting and aching and praying. 

This has been the hardest thing we ever have experienced as a family- worse than the car accident on June 6, 2010 that our family went through. But we have been absolutely amazed by the outpouring of love and support by people around the world. Social media is an amazing thing when used for good and this is one of those good things that it's been an incredible use for. 

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A gift from the sheep farm where he works at Utah State :)

His left side is completely unharmed. The car hit on his passenger side so you can see the glass cuts covering his whole right side. He got several staples on the right side of his head. 

My boys were so good these past couple of days! They were cooped up in the guest house at the hospital since kids under 14 aren't allowed in ICU. Plus... not a good place for 2 rowdy boys to be. TJ's family also helped sooooo much and took these guys for a long time and also brought a huge sunday meal. So touching- thanks guys!

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stgeorgeutah said...

I wish both of them a speedy recovery and pray god to minimize their pain.

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