Monday, June 24, 2013

Goggles are cool

Levi always picks the pink ones....

Both boys are doing phenomenal in their swimming lessons!! They get so excited to change into their suits and when we pull up to the pool. No tears anymore and both love wearing goggles. I'm so glad we did this this summer- it's been so worth it! I'm excited to take them swimming in my parent's pool and see how they do! :)

Ty feels so cool in his goggles- it's funny to watch.

Off the diving board! I never would've believed it was possible that he'd ever go off the diving board on his own and LOVE it. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hendriksen Camping Trip

Hendriksen Family Camping Trip

TJ organized a camping trip for his family which was so fun! Guy and Ruth, Ginger, Curtiss and Parker, (and baby boy grandson #9) and Mandie, Adam with their 3 foster kids came- we loved it but missed having Dezi and Seth with their 5 boys come. Hopefully next year!
A family vacation is never a real one without some sort of mishap- it was freeeeezing cold the first time which meant the kids slept HORRIBLE and us Mom's didn't sleep hardly at all. They were up before 6 am, huddled around the fire trying to stay warm. Luckily the guys took them in the morning so us woman could take a nice nap in the tent. 
Levi got carsick on the way up and puked up everywhere (ugh) and kept having dry heaving episodes for the next 24 hours so we weren't sure what was going on with him. He was just extra clingy to me which drove me crazy. But overall, it was a really fun trip and TJ and I LOVE camping. Our boys had such a fun time playing with cousins and getting REALLY dirty. :) 

"Helping" Mamita and Papa set up their tent

These three boys have so much fun together!! Parker literally follow and does everything that Ty does. And Levi tries to keep up with both of when he's not being a baby and clinging to his mommy. :)

Who knew throwing rocks could cause so much delight and excitement?!!

Dirty faces were a necessity on this trip.

 Feeling better!!!

Funnest thing ever for kids while camping- glow sticks from the Dollar Store! They loved it. Thanks Pinterest! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Wet

Levi got a nice shiner on his forehead by running into the door hinge- two days before our family pictures. Of course. Good thing for photoshop these days!

Ty- 3 years old
Crazy Hendriksen eyebrows with a goofy smile- oh my!!

Levi- 23 months
(I photoshopped the bruise out on this one :)

TJ's work has a summer party at Lagoon every year- the boys liked the Ferris Wheel even if they wouldn't smile cute and Levi looks like an orphan with a messy face and healing bruise.

The lighting was bad on this pictures- dang it- but the boys loved the splash pad at Lagoon the most! Forget the rides! Good thing our admission was free! 

This was right as the water paused for a minute and Ty looked down to see where it was- haha.

How Ty watches TV in the mornings....
A lot of times I bring home these boys stickers from work just for fun. Usually Ty likes them all up and down his legs but not today!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dirty Dash Mud Run

Back in January, I convinced TJ, Dallin and Amy and the Deddis to run the Dirty Dash with me. Me and Jessie and my cousin, Melissa, ran it last year and it was so much fun! We decided our team name was Wingin' Wengerts and thought we'd make some fun costumes that had to do with flying or wings. 

Then Dallin's accident happened and when the race came approached we weren't sure if we should still do it or not. After much debate we decided Dallin would want us to and we'd do it in his honor and add "Dash for Dally" on our shirts. It ended up being so FUN!

Jordan and Tell (Teddi's brother) took Dallin and Amy's spot and Toni came to take pictures (Teddi's sister- the Lindseys were all in town for Devin's graduation). Toni got some great pics!!