Monday, May 27, 2013

Splash Pad

Last week we went to the new Provo Splash Pad with some of my friends from work. All last summer Ty HATED splash pads so I knew this could maybe not go so well. But I want him to like them so I figured we'd give it a chance. When we first got there he wouldn't let me change him into his swimming suit so I just let him be. All the kids played on the playground for a while and got all hot and sweaty. Soon I noticed Ty getting closer and closer to the water and eventually he was jumping and soaked and LOVING it. I was so happy- this was a big step forward for us!

How cute are they??? This is Bailey and Ty (another Ty- there are three of us at work who each have a son named Ty)- Heather's daughter and Sunny's son. Bailey always says that her and Ty are going to get married in the temple. :)
My goal someday is to get Ty to stand with his arm around his buddy, smiling like this- oohhhhh, I'd LOVE it!!! Hopefully someday.....

Gotta love tiring your kids out in the sun and water all day! They had to sleep together :)

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