Friday, May 17, 2013

Sleep Training

How cool is this bed??

A little while ago I went to the temple because I was getting a little frustrated as to Heavenly Father's timing with things and unsure as to why. The time had passed for a 2013 baby which meant our $3,000 deductible from my D&C surgery was useless now and all my friends are pregnant and having babies- in the ER alone there are multiple people having babies each month all the way up until December. It's like a club that I want to join but can't! :)  We didn't even try with these boys so I was surprised things are taking so long and just assume my body is still getting back to normal from the miscarriage back in January.
After going to the temple though, I was so refreshed and at peace and know that everything is always better when we patiently wait for the Lord's timing. I got the strongest feeling that this year is for me to focus on these two little boys and enjoy doing a few things with them that I normally couldn't do with a newborn. Also I felt I need to continue to focus on helping Ty so that three kids can be much more do-able and FUN! 

So... my two main goals this year are to sleep train Ty and potty training since these two things would make having baby #3 ten times easier.

Since day one, Ty has had trouble sleeping by himself and self-soothing. He never would sleep in a crib and would gag and throw up his entire stomach contents whenever I'd make him stay in it. By 9 months he slept through the whole night for the first time on a pillow top mattress with pillows placed all around him in his own double bed. Now I can see it's all directly related to autism- in what way exactly, I'm not sure, but it is the cause because how Ty slept as an infant was not normal. 
Right now he sleeps perfectly all night long- in our bed, cuddled up next to us. But this has got to stop and he's got to learn. I've been dreading it because he does good for a while and then it's back to square one and sleeping training him is going to be like little baby- crying in the night and waking up Levi (who sleeps perfectly- bless him!) and sleepless nights.

So we made a game plan with all of his teachers and therapists and we're going to do it!! We started off by getting a cool bed that he'd be excited about. We found this on ksl for $45! There's more of a tent that wraps around it all the way but we can't figure out how it goes on...
The night we set it up he was literally bouncing off the walls; he was soooo excited. Both boys just couldn't contain themselves. I put Levi's crib mattress underneath and he's already napping perfectly and loves it. We'll wait until Ty is sleeping solidly all night before I move him out of the crib permanently (sniff, my little baby isn't a baby anymore!!).

So far it's been about 3 nights. He goes to bed in it fairly well (with the help of Melatonin) and stays in it at least. Each night he's woken up several times crying and has to have some milk to go back to bed. The first night he woke up at 2:30 am and didn't go back to sleep.... at all...he just laid in bed, drinking milk, reading books, crying occasionally. Then I finally just gave him the iPad because he still was wide awake and I was desperate!! 
At least he stayed in his own bed and hasn't been in ours at all!! That's huge progress so far. Ugh, we just have to keep sticking to our guns and NOT give in. I made a Bedtime Routine chart that has pictures of everything we do for our bedtime routine and then he moves each picture over onto the other side with velcro, like they use in school. It seems to be helping since he's so familiar with those type of things. Routines are critical for autistic kids.


This is Luke and Ralph, our new guinea pigs. The boys think they are hilarious and die laughing, even when they aren't doing anything?? Ty wanted to name one Ty but settled on Ralph instead (from Wreck it Ralph) since we already have Ty the fish. The other one is Luke, who is his best friend at preschool. :) I can't tell them apart so who knows who is who.
One of my good friends that I grew up with, MarjAnn Baker, gave these guys to us. Her kids had gotten bored of them so we took them. We'll see how long they last since I'll be the one cleaning everything, haha. 

Levi has no fear picking them. I just fear for their lives at times though. Levi doesn't exactly get don't-hold-them-by-their-necks-or-fur-cause-you-might-kill-them.

Every time they do the littlest thing, these boys either say, "oh no!!" or "no, no pigs!" while gasping.

At first it was the one finger approach.

Ty trying to give them water.

(It was almost bedtime and their shorts were filthy so that's why they are pants-less).

It was so hard to catch their faces because they were laughing and running around and jumping so much. It's so funny to hear them laugh and babbling to each other, occasionally catching the words, "Ralph," "Luke," "eat," and "pig."

Ty telling/signing to me they need more hay. :)

I love having animals and pets since I grew up with them and since we can't have a dog right now we'll settle for guinea pigs and fish!! 

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miriam said...

Tara, I didn't even know that you had a miscarriage! I am so sorry. So so sorry. You hang in there, you are a blessed woman!