Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

We had such a great Memorial Day weekend! It felt like a staycation since we didn't have anything on the agenda- no work, preschool, lessons- at all and we got to hang out and eat good food with lots of family while getting a lot done. It was so needed too. 

We are putting on house on the market soon, for multiple reasons, and felt we needed to increase curb appeal. When we first moved in there were these two huge trees that had these berries that stained the sidewalk. Last summer we chopped those down and this weekend we pulled the stumps, flattened the small area of dirt/grass and planted flowers. We did the left side on Saturday and the right side on Monday. Ginger, Curtiss and Parker helped all day on Saturday- it took us 10 hours!!! Devin, Teddi, Guy and Ruth helped us on Monday which took about the same amount of time. I'm happy to say no one got hurt and it looks sooo much better! Jordan and Janae flew in on Sunday and I dropped them off at EFY on Monday so it was so fun to have lots of family over the entire weekend. 

Ty was so excited to go outside and work. I was surprised, he helped for a good 2 hours using his shovel and moving dirt. It was pretty cute.

Parker tried to help too! :)

Both stumps were huge!! I was so afraid the chain would snap and break but it held strong. Whew! I did NOT want to go into work these weekend for anything!

I worked as the charge nurse during Mother's Day weekend- 5 pm to 5 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- and it was awful. We were on red status and I had my on-call nurse in and 2-3 hour waits in the waiting room. I was exhausted after that weekend and of course, I hardly saw my family over Mother's Day, let alone celebrated it. Well, this weekend made it all worth it!! We had to either work Mother's Day or Memorial Day and so I enjoyed this weekend off sooooo much!! 

Doesn't look like much but this was an entire days effort. :)

This was Saturday evening. You can see how bad the other side is still- they both looked like that. It helped so much having multiple hands to help- THANKS so much family!!!! We really appreciate it.

Only half of the dirt we moved and one of the stumps.

Trying to figure out the next move to get the stump to budge. It was very hard at times!!

Cute little flowers! I had to buy deer-resistent flowers since we have deer around here all the time eating all the greenery. I wanted big pretty flowers but had to settle for these. They are still cute and pretty though.

Hopefully this helps someone want to buy our house! We moved in July 2011 after getting an awesome deal since this house had foreclosed. We moved in with the intentions of not staying too long and using it as an investment. Our mortgage would be the same as our rent so why not??

It's been such a great house with an amazing view over the valley but with TJ commuting to SLC every day and me driving to Provo/Orem anywhere from 4-8 times a day, we both are driving TONS. We live up the mountain and it takes a good 10-15 min to even get down it and to the freeway. Since moving to Salt Lake isn't an option, we feel we need to move closer to Orem or at least the freeway/State St. We love the neighborhood and ward but feel like this house has served it's purpose. 

Another reason to move is that we desperately need a backyard. We have half an acre in the backyard but it's too steep for little kids and would cost thousands of dollars to add retaining walls and dirt. So... that's another main reason. I can't keep little boys cooped up all summer and our road in front gets to be a little too busy for my comfort. So hopefully we'll find something that will fit our needs better and things will all work out!

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