Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This little guy..... so full of life and fun and so sweet. 
 Levi has to always be involved with any baking or cooking (Ty can't stand to be in the kitchen- he usually gags over something) and so he's my little kitchen buddy. The other day we were making tacos with Devin and Teddi. Levi was sitting on the table next to me "helping" and out of the corner of my eye I see his hand go into the big bowl of raw ground hamburger. I look up to see him stuffing his mouth with it!!! I freak out and grab him and get the raw hamburger out of his mouth (now I'm the one gagging) and he starts to cry because I was so forceful. He didn't swallow any and has been fine since but we all laugh about how Levi will eat ANYTHING. 

He's still so scrawny and skinny though- he looks funny doing a lot of things because people think he's younger than what he is. His little chicken arms and legs.... love this boy.
I weighed him really fast at Ty's 3 year old dr. appt and he is now 23 lbs! He's finally gained 2 lbs since  his 12 month appointment, last July!

Every night since his birthday Ty has been sleeping with his Mac and Lightning McQueen toy. He tells us, "shhh!" cause he's sleeping while he tucks the blanket around him. :)

We had a surprise birthday party at Milagros Mexican Restaurant for Devin's 25th Birthday. This picture basically sums it up. :) There was about 30 people there for it- it was awesome! He was so surprised- he had no idea. 
I felt a little bad cause I had Devin baby-sit our boys on Friday night since I had to work- his actual birthday- so we could have this party on Saturday. Teddi did very well at making up stories and excuses about things so ended up making his own birthday cakes too for a "primary thing."

Tama- Ladd and Marissa's little boy. 

Ladd brought balloons and party hats which made it way fun. It wasn't that big of a place so the entire restaurant yelled, "Surprise!" when he walked in since they could clearly see what was going on. 

First time Ty would keep a party hat on!

Ty helped blow out the candles. 

That same day my visiting teacher and I, Britney, threw a baby shower for Megan, a girl we visit teach. In our church, everyone is assigned a couple ladies who they visit monthly to make sure they are doing okay, physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. It's also a neat way to make lasting friendship and get to know people well. I wrote about it in my weekly letter to our family missionaries:

"I did a baby shower for one of the girls I visit teach. This was her first baby and she was super excited. She also had to do in-vitro so this baby is a miracle baby. She didn't know a lot of the people in the ward and we've been visit teaching her for over a year now. The first 6 months was really hard to get her to make time for us to come over but we persisted and now have a really good friendship and she wants us to come over. I think she realizes now that we actually care about her and are genuine, not just doing "our job." Another lady we visit teach was the exact same way but also with that same persistence, she now loves us coming over and even came to the baby shower and stayed the full two hours, laughing and talking with everyone. Both are on the quiet, shy side so I felt like our diligence in VT has paid off so much and it's so cool to see. It's kinda like missionary work. I'm not saying that to pat myself on the back, just that the gospel is sooooo cool! If we are diligent in all things and work hard and follow the gospel principles, fulfill our callings and strive to follow the Spirit, things will all work out in the end and it benefits everyone. I love it."

Alyssa and Max

We had a great turn out- these were just a few of the lovely ladies from our ward who came. :)

Cute cake by Britney

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