Friday, May 24, 2013

Four Years

For our anniversary this year, we actually DID something! :) Seems like each year life happens and we end up celebrating later or without doing much. Our first year we had a 3 week old, our second I was 8 months preg and working/school/chaos, our third year- not sure about that one- and so we decided we'd do something BIG for our 5 year anniversary! Yahoo! We've put some money down on a cruise to Bahamas that was crazy cheap but we'll see if we actually end up going.... :)

We had a great night though! Ginger and Parker came down to hang out with the boys. We ate at Smashburger- a new place I wanted to try and loved their sweet potato fries (yes, we are big spenders). After we saw Iron Man 3. Loved it! Then we did some errands without kids- the best!!- and ended the night getting Pazookie dessert at The Chocolate in Orem. It was so fun to just hang out! 

Our dessert was very yummy but very rich. We decided after 4 years of marriage we could say that:
"True love is not finishing all the milk." 

And a great definition of true love, right there. 

So grateful for this guy and I love him more and more as time goes by. I am so lucky he chose me!

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