Friday, May 24, 2013

Down at the Country Farm

Ty saying "pink pig!"

Ginger and I took our boys to Thanksgiving Point's Country Farm to see the animals. I love doing little outings like this, especially with Ging, and love seeing our boys love their cousins. I'm soooo excited for another little nephew to be born this summer- HURRY up baby boy!!! Ready to get my baby lovin and snuggling fix.

Scooting down the dirty walkway on their bums. 

The closest I could get to getting a pic with all three of them. 

Love this little 3 year old!!

The dvd of the day was The Incredibles. Good thing it was the bonus features extra dvd and not the real one since after this day I think I could say this was the dirtiest, most scratched up DVD I have ever seen. Wonder when we'll get out of this carrying-a-dvd-or-dvd-case-all-day-long phase? 

Ginger just happened to take a pic right as this goose tried to eat Levi's fingers as he was feeding it, haha. Levi didn't even cry, just looked at us like, what the heck just happened??

Playin in the jail

How Levi really feels about being in jail.

I'm so grateful for this girl. She's always so positive, so kind and optimistic and ready and willing to do anything and everything.  I can complain and vent to her and she doesn't judge. She values family and the importance of cousins so much and so do I. 
My closest sister is 7 years younger than me and so I always wished for a sister close to me. When I married TJ I automatically got 5 sisters- it was awesome! Ging and I are only  7 months apart (not that age matters anymore) but that meant we came home from our missions the same time, got married about a month apart, and are having/raising kids together now. I love it!

For some reason Ty didn't want to ride the horse this time so I let Levi take his spot instead. He loved it and kept saying, "more, more!" when we were done. He was so little sitting on top of even the tiniest pony that I walked along side of him. :) He was so serious about it and wouldn't even look at the camera. 

Ty kept trying to hold Parker's hand as they were watching Levi ride. Parker wasn't so sure about the touchy-feely show of emotion.

These two are only 2 months apart but about 7 pounds different, haha! Parker is a solid kid- I love it! 

This picture does not do this shirt justice. When Parker was done eating his popsicle and sucker this shirt was SOAKED! It was awesome!! You couldn't rang it out and cleaned the floor with his drool. :)

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