Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Love those eyelashes! Hope our girls get them someday.... :)

Concentrating hard. 

It's always so hard to be the non-birthday sibling and have to watch! 

This picture is funny- it looks staged. 

Devin and Teddi came over for cake and ice cream.

Devin is always doing some funny thing with Levi. This time it was spitting a marker top at him and making Lev copy him. :)

At preschool with some of his teachers. 

Out to eat for his birthday lunch (I only had my cell phone camera).

Starting to fall asleep....

And he's out!

Ty had such a great birthday yesterday! He was so cute about it all because he totally got that it was a special day and that the cake and ice cream and presents were all for him. It was so fun watching him be so excited. He even learned to say he was now three instead of two years old! He kept saying, “Ty’s Birthday” throughout the day too. J We’re having a combined birthday party for the boys in June so today was a pretty low key day. I couldn’t let it pass without doing anything though!! His teachers told me he was so excited yesterday when they skipped story time and sang Happy Birthday and passed out his birthday cookies. He was jumping up and down and so excited. :)

He got to wear his new birthday shirt (on clearance from a year ago- I don’t know why they even make white shirts for little boys- impossible to stay white!). After preschool I had coupons to Sizzler so we went and got “French fries and water” which is all that Ty wanted, haha. Towards the end of the meal, his head started bobbing and when I asked him if he wanted to lay down in the booth, he just said yes and totally fell asleep in the restaurant! They brought him his brownie and birthday ice cream in a to-go box. J After Dad got home we opened presents, sang Happy Birthday, had cake and ice cream and played with his new stuff. Devin and Teddi came over too.  TJ was late coming home from work and the boys were getting so anxious for him to get here! Ty sat by his two presents that were on the table for about 30 minutes just holding them and stroking them, giving them “soft touches”. I was impressed he didn’t even try to open them once I said he needed to wait for Dad. My mom sent a present in the mail through Amazon and it arrived right as Devin and Teddi came so they wrapped it in the brown Amazon paper it came in and pretended it was from them. Ty is in heaven- it's a Cars semi trailer that holds all of his little Cars cars. :) Thanks, Grandma! Ty got to have his favorite ice cream- Rainbow Sherbert from Baskin Robbins! The only kind he'll eat! haha. It's so fun when your kids start "getting" holidays and have so much fun with them. Happy Birthday Ty! We love you!

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Jen Perkins said...

You always get the cutest pictures of your boys. Happy birthday, Ty! Such a sweetie. I'm glad he had such a good day!