Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 years ago

It hit me the other day that I have been graduated from high school 10 years ago this month. May 2003.

Ten years- a whole decade. 
I still feel like I'm 18 a lot of the time and way young and then I remember- I'm really not anymore! I'm not super old but I'm right in the middle of life. I have kids! I have a career! I'm not in high school anymore or even college. I forget that sometimes. 

I've been reflecting on my life lately because of this and especially the last ten years.  It makes me wonder what will the next ten years bring? That thought makes me excited for the future!

I found an old journal and was reading through it- definitely very comical about the details and stressors and big events that consumed my life at that time. I loved high school and high school sports was my world but high school definitely was very challenging at times. But one thing that struck me was this list I found of ten goals that our Young Women leaders had us write down during that time. 

This was my list, exactly how I had written it back in 2003.
1. Graduate high school in the Top Ten
2. Temple marriage- to an awesome guy!
3. Graduate nursing school at ASU
4. Have kids- cute ones.
5. Bring friends into the church
6. Maintain 125 lbs/size 5
7. Read/study all the scriptures before marriage or age 21
8. Maintain 3.5 GPA in college and keep scholarship
9. Study abroad/go to another continent/country
10. Live in The Commons on Apache at ASU

Haha, that last one makes me smile- The Commons were these brand, new, fancy dorms at ASU. It seemed so exciting and important at the time. Well, at least I've accomplished 1-8 and I'm pretty okay without accomplishing numbers 9 and 10, unless you can count Rocky Point, Mexico. :) 

I had written down that my Young Women leader that had us write down those goals at the time was Katrina McDonald, who was married, returned missionary, and had 2 cute little boys then. I thought she was so grown up and just had this picture perfect life :). I said how I wanted exactly what she had someday. I'm pretty sure she would've been around my age right now back in 2003- so funny. Now she has 7 kids and is where my mom was at 10 years ago- raising teenagers and babies and driving a huge van. I love it! I think life is awesome and even though the bumps in the road do come and will come and occasionally knock us over, I'm excited for what the next 10 years will bring. Plus, I have my best friend next to me, better than any friend I could've ever had in high school and as long as I have him, I'll be okay. :)

My best friends were Kelsey Gaiser, Kami Kubik and Kristen Murphy. They were such loyal, true friends that helped me through so much. I'm so glad we're still such good friends, 10 years later. We might not talk everyday like back then but I know there are right there if I need anything and still love and care about me and my fam. 
Kelsey is engaged and has her doctorate in physical therapy, Kami is married and has an adorable 6 month old little boy named Austin, and Kristen is married, is a dental hygienist and is 14 weeks pregnant with their first child. Every high school girl dreams of what life will be like 10 years after high school, haha. Well, now we all know :)

2006- while at ASU in nursing school

My goals for the next 10 years: 
(until May 2023- now that sounds forever away, just like 2013 did back in 2003!! haha)

1. Support TJ in getting his masters degree and get a good, solid job and be financially stable
2. Work only a few times a month- be mostly a stay at home mom but always keep my nursing license current and be a safe net for my family.
3. Have a GIRL!!!! and several more kids :)
4. Be established in a long term house in a good area and build up the community around us. Be involved and live outside of Utah. :)
5. Do whatever it takes to help Ty be mainstreamed into regular school, help him overcome or deal with his autism and any other challenges our kids might have.
6. Work off the baby weight with each kid, feel good about myself and exercise to be healthy/happy
7. Get my own masters degree after our youngest is in school 
8. Be out (and stay out) of debt (from school loans from TJ's masters degree)
9. Serve in the church, build up Zion wherever we live
10. Strive to make our home a place of safety, refuge, peace and happiness. Strive to be the best mom and wife I can be by having patience, working hard, being Christ-like and living the gospel. 

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Karina said...

I loved this post :) I can't really remember doing that goal activity. This post made me smile because you inspire me to be a better person also! I think you are so awesome that you can play the organ and are a nurse and are doing so well despite life's challenges. Also, I have actually patterned a lot of my mothering after your mom- as I had observed that she had so many mothering skills I wanted to have. So this post has lifted my spirits and made me smile! Yes, I am 10 years older than you so you could be where I am in 10 years- ha ha! Send my love to your mom. I hope I am like her in 10 years too with kids that are happy and doing so well. Oh & I didn't go on a mission-but I would have loved to! We should get together sometime before you move to your home out of UT ;)