Monday, April 1, 2013

Wreck it Ralph!!!

My mom sent Easter goodies in the mail to these boys and of course, it was all.... WRECK IT RALPH stuff!! They are still obsessed and were SUPER excited!! Thanks, Mom!!

And yes, Levi is still carrying around the Wreck it Ralph DVD case. It looks like it's been through a war. He doesn't care though.

I had to work that night so the boys had a sleep over party while watching a movie, complete with milk! Yum! :)

TJ's easter present was a nap. This made me laugh because the boys are always bringing us the gallon of milk and their sippy cups when they want some- even when we're asleep. And no, we don't feed them skim milk ;)

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Jen Perkins said...

You always have the funnest pictures on your blog. Cute boys!