Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Twenty Eight!

Yesterday was the big day I turned 28- whoa. Closer and closer to 30- yikes!! I got this pic on my phone bright and early- I love my parents! They are awesome. My dad called later on in the day to wish me Happy B-day and was proud of the picture "he" sent. :) 

Apparently Jessie was very excited for my b-day and sent me three pics with her cute sign- haha. Or maybe just a touch of greenie homesickness for a minute? :) She's been in England for a week now and loving it. Isn't she such a cute sister missionary??!

Ty told me Happy Birthday in his own little language. :)

I was so touched- TJ came home from work Monday around 10:30 pm. I had just laid down for bed when he came in to say hi and told me he was hungry and wanted to eat some food and that he might be loud so he was going to shut my door. The next morning he left before 6 am so he could get off work early so we could go out on a date later that day. I woke up to these flowers, card, candy and cake. It took me a few hours to realize he wasn't eating food loudly, he stayed up late to make me a cake! How sweet is that? I really have such a wonderful man by my side!! :) He's awesome. That was probably the most touching thing of all. 

Ty just couldn't resist not licking the cake!

We started the day off by eating cake for BREAKFAST!!! :) I'm the best mom in the world!! :)

I told Ty to tickle Levi to make him smile...

... it didn't work. Haha.

After taking Ty to preschool, Levi got to come home and watch Nemo! This is his latest obsession. Wreck it Ralph has subsided a little and he now carries around the Nemo DVD case. Sometimes it's the Cars case- just depends on the day.

Giving Nemo hugs and kisses.

Then TJ got home from work around 3 pm. Ginger and Parker came over and watched the boys all afternoon- she is soooo wonderful!!! We both love seeing our boys play together so there are benefits to both sides. :) My boys LOVE "Parka."

We went and saw "42", the new Jackie Robinson movie and LOVED it! It was so good!! Then we ate at a Mexican restaurant that we've been wanting to try- it was sooo good and we were both stuffed. So yum! My visiting teachers, Beth and Jana, stopped by with lunch from Kneaders- they are so wonderful and thoughtful. I also got tons of text messages and facebook Happy Birthdays which is always so nice! Makes you feel good for sure. On Sunday we celebrated with the Hendriksens with my mother in law making COLOMBIAN food- my favorite!! I know it's a lot of work to make it so I always appreciate it so much when Ruth does that. :)

I got my new camera a few weeks ago so that was my present and the money I got from gifts when towards paying myself back for that. So overall, I got my awesome camera for $50! Can't beat that! I also signed up for an online Photo 101 class that starts June 1st that teaches how to use your camera in manual mode- can't WAIT for that!!!

This birthday was probably one of my very favorites because I got to spend most of the day with TJ. That doesn't happen very often and so when it does it's the BEST! I am so lucky to have him. It was such a great day! Thanks everyone!


Jen Perkins said...

So glad you had such a great birthday! The cake thing was so sweet...I always love little things like that that Russ does for me. Way better than a big expensive gift! I'm also looking into taking a photography class...maybe we can compare notes sometime soon. :)

doug s. said...

I'm so glad you had a great bday! How awesome that TJ stayed up and made you a cake without you guys are such a great couple!

doug s. said...

And it was Tricia leaving the comment, doug will be embarrassed if I didn't clarify :)