Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Aquarium

This picture just melts my heart!! You can't even see their faces but I just think it's so cute! 

This is Parker, Ty and Levi at the Aquarium. I met Ginger there (who just found out they are having ANOTHER little boy in August!!! That makes NINE GRANDSONS on the Hendriksen side and NO GIRLS still!! Crazy!!!). It's soooo fun having a sister close by with kids that we can do things together with. None of my siblings have kids so I LOVE that my kids at least have some cousins on TJ's side. Plus I love hanging out with Ginger and talking too much. :)

Last time we went to this place was over a year ago and it was a bad, horrible experience- Ty couldn't handle it and we finally left after several (okay, many) screaming, crying, extreme melt-downs in the middle of the entire place. It was a sad, depressing day since I was so frustrated by it- a little kid should love seeing fishes and animals everywhere. And I didn't know why he was acting like that. 
So.... the opposite of that day happened today!! Ty did AWESOME and loved it. Made me so happy and such a stark contrast of our lives a year ago. Yay for Ty! It was so funny to watch him and see him so happy. We told him to go hold Parker's hand and he jumped off the ledge he was standing on so quick and grabbed Parker's hand like a death grip and was ecstatic to hold his hand (Levi rarely lets him). He loves to hold hands!!

This is a historic picture because this is the closest I've ever gotten to all three kids looking at the same time- SOOOO CLOSE!!! :)

Ty signing "seal" in these two pictures- he thought the otters were seals. The kids got a kick out of the otters. They were pretty cool swimming and diving everywhere. 

And Parker falling off the frog now and Levi is going down with him. 

Levi wouldn't smile in any pics- he was too distracted but loved the Nemos. 

Love this boy and his easy going, calm attitude. He's always just goes with the flow and is along for the ride- perfect for my crazy boys. He's just glad to be involved and noticed. I've always loved his cheeks too. Just so kissable!!

Ginger wants everyone to know she is 20 weeks pregnant here and not just fat. I think she looks amazing for half way there!! So excited to see what this little boy will look like!!

Afterwards we went and got ice cream- not the best picture but the kids were really into their treats. Even Ty loved his and ate it all!! These three were playing so cute together after we got done eating. They were kind of in the way of the door and I'm sure people were annoyed but we didn't care since they were being so adorable to each other, hugging on each other and mimicking what each other did. LOVE having cousins play together! Brings back good feelings from my own childhood. :)

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