Sunday, April 28, 2013


Over the weekend, Ty got two new friends! Well, really each of the boys got a new little friend but Ty is much more interested in them than Levi.... 

Meet Ty and Levi, the fishes

 After the wedding reception for my cousin Melissa was over (who married Jared on Saturday) my aunt gave the boys these beta fishes who were in the fish bowls as part of the table decorations. They were so happy and held them all the way home. Levi only spilled a little bit of their water too. Ty immediately gave them names- Ty and Nemo. At first I just thought he was babbling since he's never really given names to anything like that before but it was for reals! Just another tiny little step forward in showing us his progress and development in age appropriate behavior! Yay!!

This morning he was so happy to come see Ty (light colored one) and Nemo (red one) again. 

This picture reminded me of this picture below.... those sticking out ears have always been around! :) 

He watched them for forever... it was so funny to hear him talk to Ty and Nemo.

Last weekend the boys helped TJ and his Dad work on the yard. 

 And Dallin and Amy came down from Logan for a wedding reception and brought their little bummer lambs, Dolly and Retha, for the boys to see- they are 2 weeks old. Their moms died so Dallin and Amy have taken over and are bottle feeding them. 

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tricia said...

I love the fish names and those lambs are the cutest things I have ever seen! I'm glad Ty made such great progress this last year...where does he go from here now that he's turning 3?