Monday, April 15, 2013

Payback Moment

Not the most flattering picture but at least I wasn't drooling like the usual....


this picture is a payback moment that I recently got.  :) 
I found this picture later so I assume TJ took it when he came home late from work. 

Both boys were super tired due to lack of good naps today and both had played very hard and were exhausted. I had worked the night before and was pretty tired myself. We did our normal bedtime routine- but read books in bed. For some reason these boys were extremely extra snuggly, kissy, lovey dovey- it melted my heart and when it was time to put books down and go to bed they both put their books down, snuggled up and went right to sleep. 

For those few minutes, life was absolutely perfect as I snuggled my sleeping babies. :)


Jen Perkins said...

This is the cutest picture in the history of forever. So sweet.


absolutely perfect