Monday, April 15, 2013

More Autism Awareness Month!

Last week, Keisha (Ty's best friend at preschool, Luke's mom) and I were invited to speak at the Kids on the Move Staff Meeting in celebration of Autism Awareness month. It was really fun to be there since they were all dressed up in creative, crazy costumes to celebrate! These people are awesome and have done sooo much for us and other families all over the county. 

Keisha and I each just shared our stories about Ty and Luke with how Kids on the Move and Bridges has impacted our lives and the huge difference it's made. It was actually kinda emotional since it's a subject close to each of our hearts and obviously, all the staff is pretty passionate about Early Intervention and ABA therapy. I love these people so much and the genuine love they give to my son! :) We will miss having Cameron, April, and Gary come regularly once Ty turns 3!! 

Bridges Team- the people Ty spends a huge chunk of time with at preschool, Monday through Friday.

Our therapists have been awesome- April, Gary, Cameron and Charity was our coordinator.
All of Kids on the Move staff- these guys are awesome!!!!! Thanks for all you do!!

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