Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Yesterday I was so annoyed with my camera because it wasn't taking good shots and being too slow. I got on KSL and found a way good deal on a Canon DSLR. We've been talking about getting one sometime this year and I especially wanted one for my b-day that's coming up but didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for it. But I saw this one online for $300 and to make a long story short, she met me at the cafe where I work and let me try it out! She was awesome and taught me everything she knew about it in the 30 minutes during my lunch break. I LOVE it! This is the first picture TJ took with it on Sunday morning when the boys woke up- haha. I'm still learning how to use it but already it's soooo much better! I'm in love and excited to learn so much more!

New Easter Suits! For some reason, the thought of taking pictures and going to church was just too much. We were late and I had just woke up from working the night before so we were rushed- oh well!

That afternoon we went to my grandparent's house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Melissa is putting her arm around Amy, Dallin's wife, because she was out of town in Wisconsin to surprise her mom for her birthday. Dallin was quite lonely and didn't know what to do with himself :)

Once we got there, Ty saw his Thomas jammies in the diaper bag and had to change. I wasn't going to fight this battle so all these pictures are of him in his pajamas in broad day light. Oh well!

Over and over, with each egg, Ty would gasp or yell "WOW!!"

Levi would mimic Ty with "whoa!!"

Surveying the goods- hard work.

This was the evening entertainment after dinner, dessert, and egg hunt- the boys' licking the sliding glass door. Ty would spell his name with his tongue and Levi would just try to be silly to make us laugh. It was hilarious and all of us were laughing so hard- had to be there!

I love Levi's face in the corner- which I would've noticed it as I was taking it and got his full face!

Love that little tongue- ever since he was a newborn!

Ahhh, love Sunday afternoons and LOVE my "new" camera!! HAPPY EASTER!!

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