Sunday, April 28, 2013

Courage Reins

They often ride backwards as part of the therapy. 

Last Friday, Ty had his last Courage Reins horse riding therapy session! We were so sad to be done with it but so grateful for the chance we had to participate! I saw immense progress in little things from the very first day we came back in January to now. And Teacher April, Ty's speech therapist, got to be there for the last session too! As you can see, she is so full of life and vibrant and fun and Ty just LOVES her to pieces. He kept giving her big hugs at the end. It was so cute to watch those two. Marsha was one of the occupational therapists who arranges Courage Reins for these kiddos and it was great being able to work with her weekly as well. 

I'm so grateful for the people who work so hard for kids like Ty- it really does take a village to raise and child, especially a special needs child, and we'll always be eternally grateful to those ones who have impacted our lives so greatly. :)

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