Monday, April 22, 2013


Ty is getting ready to graduate from Early Intervention since his 3rd birthday is right around the corner! This means he is having his last sessions with all of his therapists- people we have been working with for so long now! It's sad to see them say goodbye and good luck! 

Cameron has been his Child Developmental Specialist and has been coming to our house since 
March 2012. He's been with us from the beginning and has done a lot to help Ty and help me help him. He is so great!

Ty loved painting the frames for his therapists. It's so funny to see him get so excited and sign the words paint and colors. He did a good job too! I know, looks scary on my white table but it all cleans off so well. :) Levi lost interest after a while and ended up with more paint on him then anywhere else. 

We also are almost done with our horse riding therapy at Courage Reins! We'll miss going to this every Friday morning :(

Levi got to ride a few weeks ago when they had some no shows (I had worked the night before so TJ took them so I didn't get any pictures of him! I was so sad about that!). Now every time since Levi thinks he is going to get to ride too and gets his helmet on. He gets so sad when it doesn't happen. It's hard not having issues and you can't be involved with Kids on the Move!! :)

I worked the other night and took a nap since the boys were watching Ralph and were playing so well. This is what I woke up to...... hahaha. 

But how can you not laugh with a face like this??

I love his squished belly button skin, haha. I think he's actually gaining some weight lately- yay! 

I've noticed over the past few weeks Ty has been more willing to look at the camera and actually.... SMILE! This is a dream come true for me since I'm always taking pictures. I LOVE IT! I'm not sure what to attribute it to but I'll TAKE IT!! :)

I took care of little Miss Brynlee at work who came in at 2 am for Croup. I grew up with her Dad, Bucky Westfall, in Marana. :) It was fun to see him again since we've known each other since we were 4 years old. 

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