Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Camera Practice

We don't know why Levi doesn't gain weight.... he's always eating!!! 

At preschool, Ty "works" for certain rewards like cheetos, fruit snacks, playing with a certain car or train, etc. Last week his teacher told me he requested to work for scratching his back- haha! She said he worked really hard and then he laid on her lap while she scratched his back for five minutes. That's a kid who knows what to work for!!

Levi has been off his daily Pulmicort nebulizer treatment since March 31.... we're crossing our fingers that we can stay off it all summer long. His doctor was afraid he'd need it year round but so far so good! He's even had a cold and teething since then so hopefully that's all good signs that we've made it through without any wheezing attacks or respiratory issues. 

He likes to climb up and take over our plates- even Tri Tip steak in both hands.

Then he'll pull a stool over and climb up onto the counter to steal rice krispie treats!

Last week when I had to work, TJ and the boys headed over to Mapleton to see his Abuelita (his grandma- Ruth's mom). She's has had some recent health problems- funny how that's usually the one positive thing about things like that, people make time to come visit you. :) She doesn't speak much English but is sweet as can be. The boys love running around their backyard and playing outside. 
I love her little shower cap thing! :)

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