Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bumbos and WI Reunion

Yesterday I had some friends over from my mission and there were 2 little babies here so I went down into storage to get a few little baby stuff, including the Bumbo. Both boys don't remember it so they were so excited to play with it once everyone left. 

I walked into the living room to this- my little baby drinking his milk- haha. 

Who knew the Bumbo could be so entertaining to big kids?! 

Yesterday Ty was counting the stars, looking out our big window (he can count to 5 but very often 4 gets left out) and he said, 
"1, 2..... LOTS!"
It was funny :)

Yesterday I invited a lot of the sister missionaries that served in Wisconsin over for a little mini sisters' reunion. Love these girls- so fun to catch up every once in a while, especially since we're all having kids, getting married, careers. It's fun to have our kids play together. 

Keilyn Yoshimoto, Eden Hamblin Searcy, Mandy Pumphrey, Andrea Wiser Louder, Trina Lee Weaver

Milana and Bailey! Cute girls!

Ty and Sophie playing together. Tried to get them both to look- didn't happen. :)

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