Sunday, April 14, 2013

Autism Celebration

As you might know, April is Autism Awareness Month- whoo hooo!!!

On Saturday we went to the Uplifting Celebration for Autism fun day at UVU. Ginger, Curtiss, and Parker met us there and it was actually pretty fun! Probably the funnest activity day that we've been to with these types of things. We got free T-shirts, lunch, popcorn, snowcones, played lots of games, got in for free at the UVU baseball game, played on the playground and then had a balloon launch. It was fun to be around lots of people we've gotten to know pretty well over this past year as we've gotten more and more involved with Bridges and Kids on the Move and other autism related organizations. 

I worked the night before and got home at 6 am- every time I take pics of myself I'm reminded I really should wake up a little earlier and at least do my hair.... maybe someday??! :)

Teacher Brittney from preschool

Chalk drawing... or you could line the chalk up in an OCD fashion. You pick. 

They had fun sensory activities- this one was "seaweed" spaghetti in the ocean that you had to fish for prizes at the bottom. 

Bean Bag toss... or you could just drop it in. That's how the boys did it.

Squirt gun game.

Twinkle Toes the Turtle

Watching the balloons.

Levi giving one of his infamous scowls.

3 boys in 3 carseats

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