Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we are officially done with Early Intervention services- Ty had his last session with April, his speech therapist who he absolutely adores. She is wild and crazy and loud- all in a good way,which fits Ty perfectly and these two were an instant match. We met with our school district speech therapist on Monday- who is very nice- but she's not April. This transitioning thing is definitely not easy. 

One thing I LOVE about EI services is how much they focus on the whole family. April has always included Levi in everything she's done with Ty which I think is awesome. The school district.... not so much. Starting in the fall I have to find a baby-sitter for 20 minutes, once a week for each of Ty's speech sessions. How we will miss Early Intervention!!

Nemo and Ty (the fish) got new homes. The boys were being so good about leaving them in one spot and not picking them up. It lasted all afternoon until after dinner when Levi just had to pick one up. I suddenly heard the I'm-busted-and-mom-is-going-to-be-so-mad cry. We had a fun time cleaning up the carpet and rescuing Ty the fish who was flopping on the floor.

Levi saying, "Meeee!!" when I asked "Who loves fishes??"

This was (one of) my projects this afternoon. Tomorrow is Ty's birthday and I thought it'd be fun to take treats to his school since he has preschool on his birthday. It's so lame that they have to be store bought but at least I can take them out of the package. These Lofthouse cookies are Ty's favorite but mainly because he just likes to lick the frosting. :) 

I thought they turned out pretty cute and I like having fun with my (new to me) camera! 

Everybody loves Mater! :)

So crazy to think that exactly 3 years ago at this time, I was lying in this bed, somewhat comfortably, after the blessed epidural was in and a crazy day of being in labor/contractions and emotions up and down. We were watching the Jazz play on TV (TJ was actually) and we had some visitors coming in and out for a few hours. We were so anxious and nervous and excited to meet our little Ty guy! So funny to think we had NO IDEA what parenthood was really like- 10x harder and better than we ever imagined! 

May 1st, 2010 will always be the best day of my life because it's the day I became a Mom. 
Even with a fat, swollen face and all. :)

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Jen Perkins said...

Happy almost birthday to Ty! He seems like he's learned so much from all his therapies and is doing so well. You must be one proud mama!