Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today we are officially done with Early Intervention services- Ty had his last session with April, his speech therapist who he absolutely adores. She is wild and crazy and loud- all in a good way,which fits Ty perfectly and these two were an instant match. We met with our school district speech therapist on Monday- who is very nice- but she's not April. This transitioning thing is definitely not easy. 

One thing I LOVE about EI services is how much they focus on the whole family. April has always included Levi in everything she's done with Ty which I think is awesome. The school district.... not so much. Starting in the fall I have to find a baby-sitter for 20 minutes, once a week for each of Ty's speech sessions. How we will miss Early Intervention!!

Nemo and Ty (the fish) got new homes. The boys were being so good about leaving them in one spot and not picking them up. It lasted all afternoon until after dinner when Levi just had to pick one up. I suddenly heard the I'm-busted-and-mom-is-going-to-be-so-mad cry. We had a fun time cleaning up the carpet and rescuing Ty the fish who was flopping on the floor.

Levi saying, "Meeee!!" when I asked "Who loves fishes??"

This was (one of) my projects this afternoon. Tomorrow is Ty's birthday and I thought it'd be fun to take treats to his school since he has preschool on his birthday. It's so lame that they have to be store bought but at least I can take them out of the package. These Lofthouse cookies are Ty's favorite but mainly because he just likes to lick the frosting. :) 

I thought they turned out pretty cute and I like having fun with my (new to me) camera! 

Everybody loves Mater! :)

So crazy to think that exactly 3 years ago at this time, I was lying in this bed, somewhat comfortably, after the blessed epidural was in and a crazy day of being in labor/contractions and emotions up and down. We were watching the Jazz play on TV (TJ was actually) and we had some visitors coming in and out for a few hours. We were so anxious and nervous and excited to meet our little Ty guy! So funny to think we had NO IDEA what parenthood was really like- 10x harder and better than we ever imagined! 

May 1st, 2010 will always be the best day of my life because it's the day I became a Mom. 
Even with a fat, swollen face and all. :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Courage Reins

They often ride backwards as part of the therapy. 

Last Friday, Ty had his last Courage Reins horse riding therapy session! We were so sad to be done with it but so grateful for the chance we had to participate! I saw immense progress in little things from the very first day we came back in January to now. And Teacher April, Ty's speech therapist, got to be there for the last session too! As you can see, she is so full of life and vibrant and fun and Ty just LOVES her to pieces. He kept giving her big hugs at the end. It was so cute to watch those two. Marsha was one of the occupational therapists who arranges Courage Reins for these kiddos and it was great being able to work with her weekly as well. 

I'm so grateful for the people who work so hard for kids like Ty- it really does take a village to raise and child, especially a special needs child, and we'll always be eternally grateful to those ones who have impacted our lives so greatly. :)


Over the weekend, Ty got two new friends! Well, really each of the boys got a new little friend but Ty is much more interested in them than Levi.... 

Meet Ty and Levi, the fishes

 After the wedding reception for my cousin Melissa was over (who married Jared on Saturday) my aunt gave the boys these beta fishes who were in the fish bowls as part of the table decorations. They were so happy and held them all the way home. Levi only spilled a little bit of their water too. Ty immediately gave them names- Ty and Nemo. At first I just thought he was babbling since he's never really given names to anything like that before but it was for reals! Just another tiny little step forward in showing us his progress and development in age appropriate behavior! Yay!!

This morning he was so happy to come see Ty (light colored one) and Nemo (red one) again. 

This picture reminded me of this picture below.... those sticking out ears have always been around! :) 

He watched them for forever... it was so funny to hear him talk to Ty and Nemo.

Last weekend the boys helped TJ and his Dad work on the yard. 

 And Dallin and Amy came down from Logan for a wedding reception and brought their little bummer lambs, Dolly and Retha, for the boys to see- they are 2 weeks old. Their moms died so Dallin and Amy have taken over and are bottle feeding them. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today was Ty's last session with Gary, his Occupational Therapist who has been coming out to our house since October 2012 to work with his sensory problems concerning his eating. However, Gary worked on language, fine/gross motor skills and all types of sensory skills! It's been awesome. We sure will miss him. 

Handsome Almost-Three-Year-Old

After he left, the boys got to watch Nemo for being so good. They were quiet for too long.... I came into the living room to see them eating Ty's lunch for tomorrow! On long school days Ty gets a juice box in his lunch and only then so of course, they always think those are such a treat! Silly boys!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Ty is getting ready to graduate from Early Intervention since his 3rd birthday is right around the corner! This means he is having his last sessions with all of his therapists- people we have been working with for so long now! It's sad to see them say goodbye and good luck! 

Cameron has been his Child Developmental Specialist and has been coming to our house since 
March 2012. He's been with us from the beginning and has done a lot to help Ty and help me help him. He is so great!

Ty loved painting the frames for his therapists. It's so funny to see him get so excited and sign the words paint and colors. He did a good job too! I know, looks scary on my white table but it all cleans off so well. :) Levi lost interest after a while and ended up with more paint on him then anywhere else. 

We also are almost done with our horse riding therapy at Courage Reins! We'll miss going to this every Friday morning :(

Levi got to ride a few weeks ago when they had some no shows (I had worked the night before so TJ took them so I didn't get any pictures of him! I was so sad about that!). Now every time since Levi thinks he is going to get to ride too and gets his helmet on. He gets so sad when it doesn't happen. It's hard not having issues and you can't be involved with Kids on the Move!! :)

I worked the other night and took a nap since the boys were watching Ralph and were playing so well. This is what I woke up to...... hahaha. 

But how can you not laugh with a face like this??

I love his squished belly button skin, haha. I think he's actually gaining some weight lately- yay! 

I've noticed over the past few weeks Ty has been more willing to look at the camera and actually.... SMILE! This is a dream come true for me since I'm always taking pictures. I LOVE IT! I'm not sure what to attribute it to but I'll TAKE IT!! :)

I took care of little Miss Brynlee at work who came in at 2 am for Croup. I grew up with her Dad, Bucky Westfall, in Marana. :) It was fun to see him again since we've known each other since we were 4 years old. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Twenty Eight!

Yesterday was the big day I turned 28- whoa. Closer and closer to 30- yikes!! I got this pic on my phone bright and early- I love my parents! They are awesome. My dad called later on in the day to wish me Happy B-day and was proud of the picture "he" sent. :) 

Apparently Jessie was very excited for my b-day and sent me three pics with her cute sign- haha. Or maybe just a touch of greenie homesickness for a minute? :) She's been in England for a week now and loving it. Isn't she such a cute sister missionary??!

Ty told me Happy Birthday in his own little language. :)

I was so touched- TJ came home from work Monday around 10:30 pm. I had just laid down for bed when he came in to say hi and told me he was hungry and wanted to eat some food and that he might be loud so he was going to shut my door. The next morning he left before 6 am so he could get off work early so we could go out on a date later that day. I woke up to these flowers, card, candy and cake. It took me a few hours to realize he wasn't eating food loudly, he stayed up late to make me a cake! How sweet is that? I really have such a wonderful man by my side!! :) He's awesome. That was probably the most touching thing of all. 

Ty just couldn't resist not licking the cake!

We started the day off by eating cake for BREAKFAST!!! :) I'm the best mom in the world!! :)

I told Ty to tickle Levi to make him smile...

... it didn't work. Haha.

After taking Ty to preschool, Levi got to come home and watch Nemo! This is his latest obsession. Wreck it Ralph has subsided a little and he now carries around the Nemo DVD case. Sometimes it's the Cars case- just depends on the day.

Giving Nemo hugs and kisses.

Then TJ got home from work around 3 pm. Ginger and Parker came over and watched the boys all afternoon- she is soooo wonderful!!! We both love seeing our boys play together so there are benefits to both sides. :) My boys LOVE "Parka."

We went and saw "42", the new Jackie Robinson movie and LOVED it! It was so good!! Then we ate at a Mexican restaurant that we've been wanting to try- it was sooo good and we were both stuffed. So yum! My visiting teachers, Beth and Jana, stopped by with lunch from Kneaders- they are so wonderful and thoughtful. I also got tons of text messages and facebook Happy Birthdays which is always so nice! Makes you feel good for sure. On Sunday we celebrated with the Hendriksens with my mother in law making COLOMBIAN food- my favorite!! I know it's a lot of work to make it so I always appreciate it so much when Ruth does that. :)

I got my new camera a few weeks ago so that was my present and the money I got from gifts when towards paying myself back for that. So overall, I got my awesome camera for $50! Can't beat that! I also signed up for an online Photo 101 class that starts June 1st that teaches how to use your camera in manual mode- can't WAIT for that!!!

This birthday was probably one of my very favorites because I got to spend most of the day with TJ. That doesn't happen very often and so when it does it's the BEST! I am so lucky to have him. It was such a great day! Thanks everyone!