Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dentist and Aunt Vanney

The boys had their first dentist appointments. I really was very hesitant to take them, especially Ty, as to how they would tolerate it but it was free for kids 2 and under and it was at a pediatric dentist so I figured they are used to difficult kids. It was a really neat place- they laid flat with these headphones in their ears to watch whatever movie they wanted on a ceiling TV and there was a train that circled around overhead around the entire building. The boys loved it and I was so impressed with how well they did!!! They each did AWESOME!! Plus, no cavities and dentist said their teeth look great. I always worry about that since little kid's teeth are so hard to brush! But good job boys!

Levi mesmerized while watching Cars :)

Each boy got a prize afterwards but Ty just liked his new toothpaste. :)

TJ's sister, Vannessa, came into town for a few days and brought the three girls that she nannies for in New York/Florida- Rayna, Clara, and Tessa. These girls were hilarious and so fun to have around, let alone beautiful with gorgeous skin!! If this Mormon thing is wrong and we come back reincarnated I want to be half black!!! :) jk. We did family stuff all weekend and had a great time. It's always so fun to have Vanney around- she's the life of the party and we miss her!

 How my boys play skee ball:

Every time Ty would "make it" into the bottom hole (the only one he could reach) he'd jump up and yell, "YES!!!" and then do a happy dance. It was pretty funny. These boys love being with their cousins and playing. When we were walking in, Ty stopped for a second and said no while shaking his head like he didn't want to go in. I told him I'd hold his hand and so he kept walking and went inside as all his "fears" disappeared instantly- he had a BLAST. I love seeing him overcome things and do things he wouldn't normally do. Bridges preschool is helping so much and he continues to amaze us with his progress. :)

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