Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Baby

My baby boy is going to turn THREE soon!! How did that happen??! 
It seems like yesterday we were so relieved to be bringing him home from the NICU. 
Yet so much has happened along those three years as well. 
I have learned soooo much as a parent and know I am just at the tip of the iceberg of it all. I love being this little boy's mom and am excited for his continued growth and progress. 

Once a kid turns three, they move from Early Intervention services and get turned over to the local school district for services, which in our case is Alpine School District. Last week we went in for the big assessment that determines which services he qualifies for. This is kind of a big deal since it sets the stage for what comes next and whether you have to "fight" for more services if you feel your child isn't receiving enough. Plus you always wonder how your kid is going to do or "perform." They had this train set in the waiting room and Ty didn't want to leave it plus he had a stinky diaper as soon as I got there (I left the diaper bag at the baby sitters with Levi) and so it was kind of a rough start. But after we got over that and borrowed a diaper Ty did really well- I really was surprised! They wrote that "Tyrell was cooperative, compliant and followed directions well. He did not initiate interactions with the evaluators." There's the autism in him coming out. :) But overall he did great.

He ended up scoring in the 6th percentile for expressive language- which is what we expected and considered a significant delay. 
He scored in the 23rd percentile for comprehension of language- much higher than we all expected and is considered in the average range. This makes his overall language scoring to be in the 10th percentile which is considered only a mild delay, making speech therapy optional and up to me. Of course I wanted it. But surprising that most kids in the 10th percentile don't even qualify for speech. 

He scored in the 88th percentile for cognitive thinking!!!! This was a HUGE surprise and the director was blown away by it and called him "a little genius" and said that is almost unheard of when you have such a delay in expressive language. This is considered waaay above average overall and that he is understanding way above what is expected. I didn't realize he's such a smart little boy! He's also way above average for gross motor (physically).

The director qualified him for servies under the Speech/Language category instead of the Autism Spectrum category since without the speech delay he wouldn't even qualify for any services at all, regardless of his actual PDD-NOS diagnosis! She is confident that he will outgrow the autism diagnosis and be mainstreamed by kindergarten. Of course, I was very encouraged by this news.

Overall this is very good since we are already receiving services with Bridges preschool which will go until summer of next year. I thought we'd qualify for the school district preschool or the autism preschool but we didn't even come close to that. For now he will just go to the local elementary school once a week with an appointment with the speech therapist there. Next year we'll have to figure out what to do next, once Bridges ends, since I might have to fight for some sort of preschool/ABA therapy since he's starting to be on the cut-off point but for now we'll just take one day at a time! Good job Ty Ty!

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