Monday, March 18, 2013


This weekend, Levi and I took a very quick trip down to Arizona for Jessie and Derek's Farewells.  I had a voucher for a free flight so we left on Saturday morning and flew into Phoenix and then we drove back very late on Sunday night with Devin and Teddi who drove our car down. Dallin and Amy followed behind us in their car. It was neat that all of us could be together one last time before they report! They all are going to California for a few days but us married kids couldn't leave again with work/school stuff. I'm so glad we went! It was so fun and I loved being there!!!

They both leave for Argentina and England on March 27 and report to the Provo MTC. 

2013- All of us siblings!
Tara- 27, Devin- 24, Dallin- 22, Jessie- 20, Derek- 18, Jordan- 15, Janae- 13, Tanner- 11

2002- All of us siblings- a lot has changed!! Thankfully my bangs sure have.
Tara- 16, Devin- 13, Dallin- 11, Jessie- 9, Derek- 7, Jordan- 4, Janae- 2, Tanner- newborn

This is Preston, Teddi's little brother. He loves Levi and it was so cute to watch them together! He'd follow Levi around with a protective little arm around him the entire time until Levi would push it away, haha. They liked playing on the iPad together during the Ensemble. The Lindsey family has literally become family and it's so fun to have them around and get to know them better. 

Jessie, Preston and Raban

Toni was a life saver and took Levi outside and played with him for hours. He hardly slept this trip and was very grumpy, especially during church!! He was such a bum! I was in and out a lot during the farewell talks until Sister Ashcraft came and took him- I was so grateful!!!

Nice face Jordan!
Lots of the Wengert clan showed up from Arizona and New Mexico.

 The 4 new missionaries in the Wengert family! Derek is going to Argentina, Skylar is going to Samoa, Jessie is going to England and Easton is going to Peru! So awesome!!

Levi had kinda a hard trip on the way home but since we didn't leave until about 3:30 pm (we got home at 4:00 am) so he slept most of it. Yes, he is squishing his banana between his fingers and covered in cheetoes. Yum!

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Woah...are you allowed to be wearing an ASU shirt in those family photos??? Cute pics!