Monday, March 4, 2013

As of lately...

Last week was free zoo day at the Hogel Zoo so even though it was a little chilly and we were all bundled up we ventured up to see "all the animals." The boys got so excited. My boys both are obsessed with all types of animals but especially zoo animals so it was worth the trip. Plus, you can't beat free! Ginger and Parker met us there and it was fun! Levi and Parker get along so good. They seem to have similar personalities- very chill, kick back, go with the flow little boys- which is always a plus, especially since Parker is going to be a BIG BROTHER in August- soooo exciting!!! 

Kissin Cousins

Ty did not appreciate having his picture taken at this time- well, actually, the entire zoo trip. :) That is my excuse for lack of good pictures. 

These two kept holding hands whenever we'd walk- it was so cute!! 

Since Levi has been getting his Pulmicort nebulizer treatment everyday since August he's gotten to the point that he can almost do them by himself! Even though it's kinda a pain it's been totally worth it since we haven't had any respiratory issues since August. I'm hoping by May I can ease off or stop but we'll see. Ty is always willing to help and often has to take a turn as well :)

Both boys wanted to relax and watch a movie and after a while of silence I walked into this :) Poor Ty is very tired out on Tuesday and Thursdays which are his long days at preschool. He works HARD on those days and is ready to relax and chill out.

I'm continually amazed at the link between Autism and puzzles. Ty does 24 and 36 puzzles easily and quickly and totally independently, even with a brand new one. It's amazing how their little brains are wired so.... interestingly! 

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