Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jessie's Farewell

My sister Jessie had her mission farewell up in Logan this past weekend. She gave a great talk and it was fun to be there (always fun to add some noise to a quiet single's ward!) along with the rest of  my Allen family. And if you can't tell, she's going to the Birminham England mission- currently, she's a little obsessed with anything England related so I had to make some sort of fun cake! 

Such a cute little sister missionary- flirt to convert for sure! ;)

The Saturday before her farewell it was my cousin Sheila's bridal shower. That evening we left the boys with my grandparents and went out to SLC for a night out on the town! Doesn't matter we were home by 9 pm- it was fun! I like having married siblings now- they get tired like us and don't need to stay out all night!! haha. We went out to eat at the Blue Iguana and then went to City Creek Mall. We had a little bit of a wait so these are supposedly awkward family photos- yes, I know, weird. 

The sistas

The boys were really good for my grandparents and they were so happy to be able to spend time with them without us. I think it's cute they get so excited over the little things they do. Our two boys are their only great grandkids- so far. ;)

Lovely rabbit girls

After sacrament meeting on Sunday we went to Uncle Kenny's house for dinner. All the cute young couples! TJ and I are the old married ones with kids now- weird!


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