Friday, February 8, 2013

Ice Cream and iPads

Blurry- dang it- but still cute with Ty smiling. We take what we can get since it's hard to capture these smiles on camera! He also actually ate some ice cream- and wanted more! That was a good step forward with his eating.

ForFamily Night we went and got ice cream at Coldstone. And yes, we took the boys in their jammies. They fall asleep on the way home and it's 10x easier to just put them right to bed, especially with Ty since he's not the best sleeper. :) As a side note, right now we are trying a few drops of Melatonin in his milk before bed. This is a suggestion from an autistic parent meeting I went to and lots of parents have had success with it. It seems to be working- or at least helping. Bedtime is always a struggle. There is a link between Autistic kids and sleep issues. All of them struggle with it and they seem to not have enough melatonin in their system and a lack of REM sleep. Anyways, back to ice cream.... Levi lately is our funny-face-maker. TJ likes to help at times, especially when the camera is out. :) His latest one is the one above while he says, "oh no!" 

The current generation's idea of Saturday morning cartoons- playing the iPhone and iPad! haha. They  like to snuggle in bed while playing their games and watching Netflix. So crazy they know how to work it really well- better than me, literally. Even crazier that I have to regulate their media time and use it only as a reward. :) 

Levi not a big fan of cuddling so early in the morning :)

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Jen Perkins said...

Your posts have been making me more and more excited about having two kiddos. So cute how much fun your boys have together! Awwww.