Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines and Horses

We celebrated Valentine's Day on the 13th this year since I had to go in for surgery at 6 am on Valentine's Day (still having complications from the miscarriage last month- I had a D&C done so hopefully this will all soon be resolved and over with! :) I just thought it was such a wonderful Valentine's Day date! ). 
The boys were so excited with their one dollar Cars and Toy Story books and lion and elephant stuffed animals. TJ and I had a very delicious tri tip steak dinner and he gave me a shutterfly book he made with various pictures of significant events in our life together and what number of day it was since we had met (kinda like that country song)- it was so sweet and cute. I have such amazing, wonderful Valentine cuties this year! 

Ty continues to LOVE Courage Reins- he now holds the  actual reins and tells the horse to "stop" and  "go". He gets so excited on Fridays and always wants the brown horse. 

What happens when Mom works Saturday night- boys' night slumber party in the living room!

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