Sunday, February 24, 2013


On the second day we went to Disneyland- the boys LOVED seeing all the Disney characters.... from far away. Once it was our turn to stand next to them and take a pic, it was a different story. Ty would have nothing to do with them while Levi would tolerate it while being a little sad. Pretty funny. 

I was worried it was going to be crazy busy because I didn't realize we had planned to go the week of President's Day. I also forgot it was Rodeo holiday in Tucson (we always got Thurs. and Fri of that week off) so it was fun to see U of A stuff EVERYWHERE and say hello to our fellow Tucsonians. But it wasn't that crowded at all and we didn't have to wait very long in any lines. We got pictures with so many (cool) characters which I had gotten to do before so I think it was a great time to go. 

 Levi thought Donald was a little too scary so close up! Hahaha

He tolerated Mickey a little better since he is Levi's favorite.... still, scary!!

I was pretty surprised when Mickey came out. There was hardly anyone there at 9 am when it opened so we jumped right up and were second in line to get our pic with him. Pretty cool!

Trying to get a good pic in the front- didn't really happen :) Ty was way more into the rides than holding still for another picture.

Warming up to Mickey and giving him a high five.

On the Finding Nemo ride- Ty LOVED it while Levi decided it was a good time for a nap.

This is the closest we got to any of the Disney Princesses :) We definitely saved a lot of time by not having to wait in tons of lines to see all the different princesses- maybe someday??! :)

We splurged and got the yummy Dole pineapple whip- we were pretending to be in Hawaii :)

It's so cute how much Jessie loves our boys and especially Ty. She got super close to them when she lived with us last summer. It's so cute to watch them together. 

TJ only wishes he was as cool as Perry the Platypus. 

Giving Jessie kisses

Ty got soooo excited for the parade!!! (Again, my other Savers find- Ty's Disneyland sweatshirt!!! It looked no different than all the other ones on the rack for crazy amount of money!).

Each boy got to pick out one toy so we ended up with this light-up spinning Buzz Lightyear and a plastic set of Cars that the boys love playing with. 

It was kinda hard not having a car since we flew into Long Beach and we were so tired (and whimpy) from walking all day long that we didn't really walk very far to get food at night. But we persevered and survived. :) We ate at this dumb, not very good, expensive buffet close to the hotel but had a few adventures, haha. Levi has this cough that when he coughed too hard he would throw up- wellllll, that just happened to occur when Jessie was walking through the restaurant with him back to our table, as she was passing another person's table- oops. He threw up on the floor and on the edge of their table- talk about loss of appetite. I'm just glad Ty didn't see because we would've had a chain reaction. Levi also threw up on the airplane home on TJ's lap. Oh man, what fun that is when your kid throws up in unexpected places!

Ty signing "I love you" to Jessie :)

 I made these shirts for about $5 each- they turned out not as well as I wanted them to but you get what you can for cheap :) This picture makes Levi look so WHITE! I never would've believed this was my kid if you would've shown me this in high school :)

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tricia said...

I LOVE the picture of Levi and mickey where he looks so creeped out by him! What a fun trip, I am so glad you had a great time.