Thursday, February 28, 2013


After waiting patiently for over a year, this guy finally got an awesome promotion that he so DESERVES!!! Go TJ!!!!

He is now Supervisor over the VIP team of Customer Service for USANA Health Science- whoo hoo!!!! What this mostly means is a better chance of us getting into MBA school so keep your fingers crossed!! It'll also mean a pay raise and more flexibility with his schedule which is so great!! It also will bring great leadership opportunities and more autonomy.

I'm so proud of him and am amazed by his continual optimism, selflessness, and service to others. Never once has he flat out complained or whined or talked bad about his bosses who made promises long ago about promotions and things. He is so giving and kind and always thinks of himself last. I'm so grateful for him in my life and the love he gives me and our boys! Thanks Teej! Love you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Melvin the Great

Remember the alpaca, named Melba, that Devin won from an (obviously) weird drawing thing and that Devin and TJ are obsessed with?? Well, when they got her they knew she was pregnant and were way excited about it. The gestation period is almost a year so.... she had her baby last week on 2/22!!! And.... it's a BOY! For breeding purposes this is exactly what they hoped for. Obviously, Melba and Melvin just go perfectly together so that's his name. Melvin the Great :) Isn't he cute??

Sunday, February 24, 2013


On the second day we went to Disneyland- the boys LOVED seeing all the Disney characters.... from far away. Once it was our turn to stand next to them and take a pic, it was a different story. Ty would have nothing to do with them while Levi would tolerate it while being a little sad. Pretty funny. 

I was worried it was going to be crazy busy because I didn't realize we had planned to go the week of President's Day. I also forgot it was Rodeo holiday in Tucson (we always got Thurs. and Fri of that week off) so it was fun to see U of A stuff EVERYWHERE and say hello to our fellow Tucsonians. But it wasn't that crowded at all and we didn't have to wait very long in any lines. We got pictures with so many (cool) characters which I had gotten to do before so I think it was a great time to go. 

 Levi thought Donald was a little too scary so close up! Hahaha

He tolerated Mickey a little better since he is Levi's favorite.... still, scary!!

I was pretty surprised when Mickey came out. There was hardly anyone there at 9 am when it opened so we jumped right up and were second in line to get our pic with him. Pretty cool!

Trying to get a good pic in the front- didn't really happen :) Ty was way more into the rides than holding still for another picture.

Warming up to Mickey and giving him a high five.

On the Finding Nemo ride- Ty LOVED it while Levi decided it was a good time for a nap.

This is the closest we got to any of the Disney Princesses :) We definitely saved a lot of time by not having to wait in tons of lines to see all the different princesses- maybe someday??! :)

We splurged and got the yummy Dole pineapple whip- we were pretending to be in Hawaii :)

It's so cute how much Jessie loves our boys and especially Ty. She got super close to them when she lived with us last summer. It's so cute to watch them together. 

TJ only wishes he was as cool as Perry the Platypus. 

Giving Jessie kisses

Ty got soooo excited for the parade!!! (Again, my other Savers find- Ty's Disneyland sweatshirt!!! It looked no different than all the other ones on the rack for crazy amount of money!).

Each boy got to pick out one toy so we ended up with this light-up spinning Buzz Lightyear and a plastic set of Cars that the boys love playing with. 

It was kinda hard not having a car since we flew into Long Beach and we were so tired (and whimpy) from walking all day long that we didn't really walk very far to get food at night. But we persevered and survived. :) We ate at this dumb, not very good, expensive buffet close to the hotel but had a few adventures, haha. Levi has this cough that when he coughed too hard he would throw up- wellllll, that just happened to occur when Jessie was walking through the restaurant with him back to our table, as she was passing another person's table- oops. He threw up on the floor and on the edge of their table- talk about loss of appetite. I'm just glad Ty didn't see because we would've had a chain reaction. Levi also threw up on the airplane home on TJ's lap. Oh man, what fun that is when your kid throws up in unexpected places!

Ty signing "I love you" to Jessie :)

 I made these shirts for about $5 each- they turned out not as well as I wanted them to but you get what you can for cheap :) This picture makes Levi look so WHITE! I never would've believed this was my kid if you would've shown me this in high school :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Disney California Adventure!

When Cars Land opened about six months ago, TJ and I really wanted to take our boys, especially before Ty turned 3 so both boys would be free, since both our boys LOVE Lightening McQueen and Mater. We planned and saved and my mom got us an awesome hotel right across the street for our Christmas present, which was perfect. We invited my sister, Jessie, to go with us since she's leaving next month to go on her mission and has been like a second mother to these boys- plus, after this trip having more adults than kids is a HUGE plus at Disneyland!! It was so great! We just went for 2 days and my mother-in-law works for JetBlue so we flew stand-by for free. So overall, we had a pretty cheap trip that turned out to be sooooo FUN! We're so glad we did it, even though it was exhausting and not just for the boys!!!

When we first walked into Cars Land the boys were just mesmerized! Since Levi barely hit the 32' height requirement we didn't even bother with any of the bigger rides which made our wait times way less and the whole trip simpler. I've never been a parent at Disneyland- LOVE seeing the excitement and total thrill on their faces! 

Waiting for Lightening- so worth it! The boys couldn't believe he was real.

Levi was SUCH a good boy during this trip- he would get so excited at things that he recognized and would go on any ride. Afterwards he'd say excitedly and very fast, "more, more!!" It was so cute to watch him!!

LOVE this face!!!

Everything was so real! Just like in the movie- it was crazy!

The boys kept sucking on these gas caps- can you say disgusting and sick and gross and their-mom-should-have-stopped them??!!

Each time they would see something they recognized from Cars, they'd get so excited and point to each other and go crazy!

Okay, so I'm pretty proud of the two jackets that Ty and Levi are wearing. They are real Disney ones and very high quality. Ty's Lightening lights up every time it moves so that means it's always lit. I found these both at Savers for $3!! They looked no different than any of the other kids who were wearing their $40+ ones! It was one of the best Savers finds I've ever had!! :) It was actually pretty cool/cold in California (which makes sense cause we were there on the day it SNOWED in Tucson!!!! Big deal!!) and so I was very glad I packed some warm stuff and blankets. We definitely needed them. 

Watching Mater drive through- he was in a trance.

So excited to find Luigi and Guido!

So whenever we come to places like this, it's always a little hard for Ty. I knew this wouldn't be that much different except for the fact that he LOVES anything Disney and this would be good practice to handle being overwhelmed, standing in lines, waiting turns and sensory overload situations. I was surprised at how well Ty did overall. He did have some melt-downs still and times when he did NOT want to go on a certain ride and the normal buy-me-everything-in-the-store moments that all neurotypical kids have but he did AWESOME overall. I was so proud of him! I think it helped that when he really didn't want to go on a ride, we listened and one of us just went with Levi or changed plans slightly instead of making him go since he should like it. 

This trip also made me realize that as Ty is getting a little older that he does have some issues- he doesn't always act like a normal kid should at Disneyland or wherever. And Levi can be 10x easier at places like this than Ty and it's a whole year younger. But even though certain situations like this definitely bring this fact to my attention (okay, maybe smacks me in the face) stronger than usual, I'm soooo glad Ty is getting the help he needs!!! I can't imagine what this trip would've been like if he hadn't been in any type of therapy or early intervention!!! Such a LIFE SAVER, literally. I don't think we could even come to Disneyland and how sad is that?? Every kids deserves to.

And then I see pictures like this where he is smiling huge and makes everything worth it! Because whoa, Disneyland is A LOT OF WORK!!!! :)

TJ was so proud of this picture since it got us all in it! We were making fun of his "bangs" though- haha :)

Levi was soooo good on all the rides!! He'd go on anything and everything and would just snuggle right into you and laugh and say, "more, more!"

I thought their little faces looked so cute as they were getting ready for the ride to start. It's like they've figure out the whole ride thing and knew something was coming!

Best thing ever- I packed a HUGE bag of food since Disney will let you bring anything into the park. That saved us so much money and the boys loved picking out what they wanted to eat throughout the day. 

LOOOOVE my sista!! So glad she came with us- she was TONS of help!! 

So in this picture we were spinning pretty fast and both boys couldn't sit up straight. I like Jessie's smile and both boys were smiling HUGE. 

Toy Story Ride!!

LOVE the Little Mermaid! My favorite movie as a kid- I watched it 3-4 times a day as a 4 year old. I still have it memorized to this day.

Once Ty figured out the 3D glasses helped him see way better, he kept them on! I was so surprised!! Again, such a great sensory thing for him! He loved the Toy Story ride too.

Neither of my boys would keep Mickey ears on- these onces were so cute with Woody on it!! 

We took turns going with each other on some "big kid" rides. Definitely should've had an even number of adults, haha. Next time! 

Levi and Ty poking out of the Ferris Wheel while I stayed with Ty who was sleeping.

I've never loved my double jogging stroller before in my life. It was so worth lugging it on the plane and everywhere when each boy would fall asleep. We could just lean it back and keep going on with everything. Plus, our boys are getting heavy!! I can't imagine holding them while walking everywhere  I'm way too whimpy for that. 

Levi saying, "CHEESE!"

Luigi's flying tires!

Levi getting cozy while waiting for the parade to start. 

We flew stand-by which is always risky! We missed the first flight on Wednesday morning so we had a nice little 6 hour wait in the airport. The thing that ticked me off the most was that they turned the kids' play place into a massage parlor!!! You're in Utah people! Kids everywhere!!!! 

The boys looked a little ridiculous both having an iPad. Good thing TJ got one free from work a few months ago. We are definitely at the stage where we have to have 2 of the same thing- always. 

My  mother-in-law is so wonderful and helped us TONS on our flights! She flew with us and then turned around and came right back. She did the same thing on the trip home- how amazing is that??! She had hard time finding her way in California and so was about an hour late picking us up. We were flying to get to the airport on time to make our 10 am flight back home. I am still shocked we made the flight since we pulled up at 9:40! It was a small airport which helped tons but it was still ridiculous. Literally, if we would've been 2 minutes later we would've missed it. So I'm so grateful it all worked out and saved us tons of money. Thanks Ruth!!!