Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wisconsin Trip!

This past weekend my parents, Levi and I took a really quick trip to Wisconsin for Dallin and Amy's last reception! This has been reception #5 in between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the weddings and 2 siblings getting endowed- whew! Kinda excited for things to slow down a little bit! But it was a wonderful trip and I was so glad I went, even if it was so short and long flights with delays. I LOVED seeing my Adams-Friendship family, a small branch that I served in for 9 months. It was sooo funny hearing all the older people say how they seen everything that's been going on in my life on facebook :) Love it! The man next to me is Klishy, one of the only converts that is strong and active. He has been endowed and is now the ward mission leader. He is one of the reasons my mission was worth every second (along with Amy too- I'm sure Dallin would agree :). 

Levi did really well on the all 4 flights! Whew!! I was worried about it and I only got to use the car seat on one of the flights because all the rest were full but he did awesome. Everyone kept commenting on his proficiency with the iPad! I think old people can't get over the fact of how even toddlers use technology all the time :).
Coming home on Sunday night our flight left at 7 pm. When we arrived at 4:30 pm (my parent's flight left at 6 pm) I was informed that Levi and I's flight had been pushed back to 11pm- ugh! That meant we missed our connection in Denver. So after 30 minutes of trying to figure out options of how to get home, we finally settled with the airline putting us in a hotel for the night, providing transportation, $20 for food, bumped up first class tickets for 6:25 am the next day and a voucher for transportation to get home in Utah. I was AMAZED at how nice first class was with a toddler on your lap! I've never been on first class before- it helped a lot for both 2.5 hour flights. The stewardess waited on us hand and foot! Anyways, Levi was a champ and we finally made it home! Poor TJ had to call into work because we didn't have anyone to watch Ty- that was the lame part. 
This is Michael, Amy's sister's boy. Him and Levi had soooo much fun playing together at the reception. He's 2 and a half but "likes Levi better than Ty" cause Levi doesn't fight him when he bosses him around!! haha. Plus, Levi is used to being pushed around. They ran around yelling and throwing themselves head first on the carpet and rolling all around- crazy boys!

I loved being in Wisconsin again and my parents really enjoyed seeing all the red barns and farm houses, over and over. We took the scenic route on the way back to Milwaukee and it was beautiful. Definitely lots of good memories but also felt weird to be there chasing a toddler!! :)

It was fast and testimony meeting so it was fun to be able to bear my testimony in the Adams-Friendship ward on Sunday. I loved going to church there and the small group of people there. Definitely where a piece of my heart will always be. 

Levi enjoying his first class seat and breakfast. 

During our layover in Denver we got Panda Express- Levi was a fan of the orange chicken!!



We just visited Jake's mission and there was a one lady who had been to the Temple that he baptized, it was such a joy to see her! Many of his other converts were now inactive, but we know seeing him helped/inspired them for sure.

Hailey Jones said...

how come i never knew your brother married a wisconsin girl. best news of the day. i love me some wisconsin! like i'm kind of a crazy person about it.