Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years 2013!

So these are some of my awesome co-workers from the ER. This was at lunch good-bye party we had a Gurus in Provo for Tilly, who is going away for nurse practitioner grad school back East. I just feel so lucky to work with such awesome people. It really makes work so much more enjoyable. I couldn't get through those rough shifts without them.

Also, my holiday block this year was New Years. We celebrated at midnight with Dixie cups and sparkling cider in the midst of seeing 179 patients for the 24 hour total. An average, busy day for our ER is 130's so it was crazy with 3+ hour waits in the waiting room. Blah, I always feel bad for people who have to wait so long. I assumed my New Years would be full of drunk people/car accidents but what surprised us all was that we actually had some sort of breakout in the MTC! From about 2-5 am our ER was FULL of missionaries! It was so sad and they were pretty sick. I guess at the MTC they triaged hundreds of sick missionaries but then sent the sickest ones to us. This one poor little elder was kneeling by his gurney in his ER room praying- I felt so bad for them! :) This one sister was missing her flight to Hungary, puking in the ER. Anyways, our doctors figured it was some sort of food borne illness, similar to the ones you hear about on cruise ships that just go rampant- which was good because we were all paranoid about getting it ourselves and bringing it home to our families! Overall though, it was a good holiday and I was so blessed to have gotten Thanksgiving and Christmas off for the weddings. It truly was a tender mercy. 

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