Monday, January 7, 2013

End of December Stuff

Last week the boys saw some kids sledding and wanted to go. We went home and got all bundled up (obviously you can see that we don't have the best snow gear) and ended up each going down only once because it was soooo COLD! My fingers were numb so quick and being a whimpy AZ girl, snow is NOT fun for me the minute I get cold. Lev and I went back into the car to wait for Ty and TJ. I thought Levi looked ridiculous with his pink hat and adult gloves. :)

In the ER it has been CRAZY how many little kids come in with sledding accidents!! In one weekend we had 10 that I knew of and all of them being ages 11 and under. Please make sure the area where you go is clear of trees and poles. There- that's my two cents about sledding. I'm done now. 

One of my new years resolution is to potty train Ty. I know it might take most of the year but we're going to do it somehow and slowly. In between the holidays and our traveling I'll put underwear on Ty over his diaper when he asks for it to just try to "promote" it. Levi HAD to have some on over his diaper too. It made him look so BIG and GROWN up!!! They look funny with their big, bulging diapers underneath :) Maybe my reward for potty training a really tricky kid will be to have the other one be really easy to train??? Maybe??? One can hope, right?

This picture looks dumb cause it's just me standing there but there is some meaning behind it. During our Allen family Christmas party my Grandma gave all of us $5 and told everyone to do "something good" with it. We decided to go to Savers' half off day and buy warm clothes to drop off to the homeless shelter since I had heard on the radio how they needed it with this cold winter that we're having. So TJ and I combined with Devin and also collected clothing from other people and ended up with 5 bags full of warm clothes!! It was really fun and I was excited to report back to my grandma what we had come up with. When we went to drop it off at the shelter I told TJ to hurry and take a pic of all the clothes before the guy came to the door to get it. TJ was too late and I felt silly so this is the pic that resulted. But this is proof to my Grandma that we did some "good" with the money!!

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my girls are 13 months apart and due to oldest training later youngest trained earlier :) I did them together and my second didn't get it as quickly but was trained at 20 months