Friday, January 18, 2013

Courage Reins

Today Ty got to start Courage Reins, a horse-riding therapy program for special needs kids! He was kinda having a rough day since he had a bad sleeping night and I knew the helmet was going to be an issue so I was a little unsure of how all this would go down (even though he loves animals and horses). The staff there and the Kids of the Move staff were sooo good with him and he ended up LOVING it. It took about 5 min and some pretty effective techniques to get him to keep the helmet on but I was impressed! They did it and he was fine with it. They were so patient and good at what they do. 

They basically ride around the arena for about 15 min but do little activities during it. Here he was grabbing the animal pictures that were velcro'd to the wall and placing it on another bulletin board. They also work on numbers and speech/signs. 

Levi was so patient and just sat and watched. What a good boy!

We also got work that Ty got into the program that we were hoping he'd get into- yay!!! I don't have much info yet but will find out with a meeting I have with the director on Tuesday. This is definitely a good thing and huge blessing!!

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