Thursday, January 10, 2013

18 months!

This little guy turned 18 months which meant.... my life is awesome now on Sundays since both boys can go to NURSERY!! Yay! They put them in the same nursery class since they'll be together for all of 2013. So nice cause Ty will help Levi not be sad. Otherwise, this nursery thing would be hard for this little Levie.

These were the stats from his drs appointment:
Weight: 21.9 pounds- 4th percentile
Length: 31.5 cm- 26th percentile
Head Circ: 48.2 cm- 64th percentile

So we have a little skinny guy! I was surprised at that since he doesn't look super skinny but we're working on fattening him up. He's not as good of eater as he once was. I think he's influenced by Ty and gets too busy to eat. 

He loves anything that Ty loves- Cars, trains, Diego, animals, zoo animals, milk, and popsicles. One of my very favorite things that he's done for the last few months is if you are ever sitting on the ground he'll immediately turn around, back up and just sit right into your lap. 

He is constantly grabbing my phone and watching Potty Time or Elf Yourself apps :). He can work it better than me already. The iPad is a real treat and quite amazing how well he can work that too. He definitely has opinions and says "yes" or "no" if he wants to watch or play with something. He understands very well and follows directions pretty well too. One thing that I'm amazed at is how well he shares. Ty will be having a melt down and I'll ask Levi to give him one of something and I expect him to not want to. Yet Levi will go over to Ty, simply hand him whatever it is which makes Ty stop freaking out and then go back to whatever he was doing. Levi is our little peacemaker already. 

Levi is still on his Pulmicort nebulizer daily and will be until the end of April. :( But he hasn't gotten bad wheezy sickness since being on it so it's worth it. Between that and the ear tubes he's much healthier and has a much happier mom. He can drink out of regular cups and loves chocolate chips!

Levi also is starting to say quite a few words and still uses his signs. He's always wanting to go to preschool with Ty and gets so sad when he's gone. He always has to have shoes on (like Ty) and either has to have his Woody boots or two of Ty's shoes and not necessarily matching. :) He loves taking baths and sleeps like a champ. I'm not looking forward to moving him from his crib- ever- but guess I'll have to do it eventually. He's transitioning from 2 to 1 nap a day and has almost all his teeth in. He runs as fast as he can which usually ends in falling on face since his little legs can't keep up with Ty's speed. He loves playing on playgrounds, brushing his teeth, wearing underwear over his diaper, carrying DVD cases, watching Signing Time, stuffed animals, cars and chunky puzzles. 

His blonde hair is getting dirty blonde and has very dark eyes that aren't necessarily brown. I'm still not sure what color they are. He can give looks that kill and quite often will scowl at strangers no matter how much they smile or try to make him laugh. Then he'll turn to Mom with a smile and then right back to the stranger with that scowl. 

He is constantly falling and seems to always have a bruise or abrasion or some battle wound of some sort. Once one heals, it's time for another one. We put the high chair away since he wants to be BIG and is not my little baby anymore! Having these two boys at this point is more like having twins since they do everything together and aren't too far apart developmentally in many areas. They really are pretty easy now- something I didn't think I'd ever say!! :) Levi is so sweet and calm and adds so much to our family. Sometimes I look at him, our little "surprise" and my heart just melts and I can't imagine life without him or imagine having a new baby instead of him at this point and time. I know him and Ty help each other in so many ways and I love it. So grateful for our growing up, big boy Lev! 

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