Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lessons Learned

 Both boys 2 days old- May 2010 and July 2011

I wish every time life sent a little bump in the road, I'd purposely look for the lesson to be learned or the opportunity for growth in the experience. I don't always do that but I know that's the real purpose for it. 

Everyone once in a while that lesson to be learned hits me hard and I need to write down the experience to help to remember and resolve to do and be better in different ways. This happened to me recently. A little over 2 weeks ago, on Jan 15th, I had a miscarriage. I was just 7 weeks along so it was still pretty early and we hadn't told anyone. I got pregnant very quickly after getting my IUD out and I remember thinking how easy that was! Ha. It happened at work and I was actually able to keep working and haven't missed a day of work since so that's how "easy" the actual miscarriage itself was. I know lot of women who have severe cramping and contractions and have to be on pain meds- I see it in the ER daily. Afterwards there were a few small complications and I had to go in for an ultrasound a few days later to see if they could find a heartbeat or not so that kinda played with the emotions up and down- I hate those types of ultrasounds. I actually had one of those with Levi at 12 weeks since the dr. couldn't find his heartbeat with the doppler and told me he was a miscarriage waiting to happen. So I had a tiny bit of hope that the same thing wouldn't happen but not this time. This little one would've been due on Sept. 6th, just 2 months after Levi's 2nd birthday which I thought was perfect. But I have to trust in the Lord's timing and I'm grateful it happened when it did and not later on in the pregnancy. I also appreciated talking about it with others who had been through it, especially two friends at work who very recently each had one. Their genuine care and support helped tons as well as other friends who would text just to see how I was doing. I also had the kindest, most genuine doctor I've ever had. His name is Dr. Bean, haha, and he actually teared up during the ultrasound appt I had and then said, "What am I doing, I'm the doctor! I'm not supposed to be the one crying!" :) Anyways....

My overall point of this is that I learned three powerful lessons that are important to me to remember: 

1.) The last few months of last year I kept dreaming and almost obsessing on what it'd be like to have a little girl. I have a few friends that recently have had girls and a few other friends who are having so much fun with their little girls after having a few boys and I wanted that so bad! I want to experience bows and earrings and learn to do hair and cute shoes and matching dresses with more bows and pink everywhere! But now I realize, it honestly doesn't matter anymore. Instead of praying for a little girl, I now pray eventually for a healthy baby that I can carry to full term and love to pieces no matter what the gender. :)

2.) I have felt such overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for the two little boys that I have NOW. I would think a miscarriage, for me, would be 10x harder if I didn't have any kids at all. It's easy to think ahead about how much fun it'll be when they are older or talking more or both potty trained or in sports, etc. but it's important to enjoy them now and in the moment, especially when I'm tired and lack of sleep. This has made me strive for more patience and to find joy in the little things they do. 

3.) I am grateful that I've had the experience of being pregnant and bringing a child into the world. It really is an incredible experience and I've been so blessed to have had such easy, uncomplicated pregnancies so far. I am the first to admit that I am guilty of complaining and feeling sorry for myself, especially in the beginning and towards the end of being pregnant and feeling miserable. I've recently heard people on facebook or just in conversation talk about how tired they are or how much they hurt or can't wait to not be preg anymore and I want to be like, "AT LEAST YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!" What must it feel like to struggle with infertility or have difficulty getting pregnant???!! I have a few friends and family members that are experiencing that and my heart breaks for them. I have absolutely no experience with that and am not saying I now know what it feels like. I am just saying that I am committing myself to be more sensitive and do less complaining about being pregnant whenever I am and to appreciate the miracle of life and kept an eternal perspective. I also need to appreciate our bodies and thing things they go through and how resilient they are, both my body and these tiny babies that go through so much to be born. 

There. I wrote these things down so I now can be held accountable. 
Please remind me of all this someday when I am 38 weeks pregnant, 30+ lbs overweight, not sleeping while working nights in a crazy ER and have two busy little boys who are running around destroying the house. However- TJ- this does not include you. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013


 This week we received word that Ty got accepted into the autistic program that we were hoping and praying that he'd get into. Many of you helped us with that and have showed such care and concern- it has made me tear up to think of the love and support coming from so many! You are the reason why he got in. 


Ty is 1 of 8 kids in the entire state of Utah that got in.

He is also 1 of 5 in ALL of Utah County that got in. 


What are the odds of that? It is simply a miracle, that's all. 

He starts on Monday and has a busy schedule for a 2 year old!! He goes from 9-noon on M, W, F (except on Fridays he'll still do horse riding therapy at 9 am and then I'll take him straight over after that) and Tues. and Thurs. he'll go from 9 am to 2:30 pm!! That's a full day of school for our little guy! He gets to take a little lunchbox and lunch on those days where they'll work on his eating/sensory. He'll be going to the exact same place with the exact same staff that he's been going since Sept. (which is wonderful because they already know him soooo well) just at a different time, different part of the building and different kids..... AND FOR FREE!!! Normally this would cost families $27,000 a year- even more of a miracle?? I think so!! 

He'll be involved with this for the next 18 months and I KNOW he will make such good progress there. He's made HUGE progress in the last 4 months that he's been going for 4 hours a week. I wouldn't go through all this effort of driving back and forth or have such a little kid go to so much "school" if I wasn't absolutely convinced this was what he needs. He LOVES preschool- not once has he ever cried when I left or not wanted to go. Our little social guy needs to be with other kids and receive the 1:1 attention they give while doing in depth therapy for speech, sensory and social/behavior. He gets tutored and lots of play time and a therapy program that is tailored specifically for him with goals and weekly meetings with me to track progress. 

I'm just so grateful to my Heavenly Father for leading me to what Ty needs and for helping me to help him. I think back to where we were back when he was 18 months old and just starting all this. I smile thinking of how far he's come. Our little Ty guy was sent here with some challenges, early on, and I'm so PROUD of him because he's doing it! He's OVERCOMING and achieving so much! We still have a ways to go but I know he can do it and I love the sweet little boy that is emerging from the once frustrated, angry little guy that was trapped and unable to express himself. :(

I am so touched that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs, specifically our children's needs, and grants us small miracles and tender mercies that are incredibly important to us. Having children has taught me more than I ever dreamed it would- and I'm still at the very beginning of all this!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Courage Reins

Today Ty got to start Courage Reins, a horse-riding therapy program for special needs kids! He was kinda having a rough day since he had a bad sleeping night and I knew the helmet was going to be an issue so I was a little unsure of how all this would go down (even though he loves animals and horses). The staff there and the Kids of the Move staff were sooo good with him and he ended up LOVING it. It took about 5 min and some pretty effective techniques to get him to keep the helmet on but I was impressed! They did it and he was fine with it. They were so patient and good at what they do. 

They basically ride around the arena for about 15 min but do little activities during it. Here he was grabbing the animal pictures that were velcro'd to the wall and placing it on another bulletin board. They also work on numbers and speech/signs. 

Levi was so patient and just sat and watched. What a good boy!

We also got work that Ty got into the program that we were hoping he'd get into- yay!!! I don't have much info yet but will find out with a meeting I have with the director on Tuesday. This is definitely a good thing and huge blessing!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wengert New Years Card

The New Years Card my mom sent out. My scanner didn't scan it super well but I thought it's too cute not to share anyways. :) 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

U of A Boys

New U of A warm ups from Grandma! Trying to get a decent picture.....

Levi's face cracks me up in this one.

Goofy kids

We were bribing them to smile and sit still with smarties. Levi kept signing  more. 

Maybe someday they'll sit still and smile nicely and both look at the camera??? :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ty Ty

Yesterday at preschool, one of Ty's teachers told me that one of the little boys in his class (who's 4 years old) said, "Teacher Brittney, why is Ty so cute?"

She said it was hilarious. He's by far the youngest kid in the class so I think all the other kids think of him as the "baby." It's cute.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

18 months!

This little guy turned 18 months which meant.... my life is awesome now on Sundays since both boys can go to NURSERY!! Yay! They put them in the same nursery class since they'll be together for all of 2013. So nice cause Ty will help Levi not be sad. Otherwise, this nursery thing would be hard for this little Levie.

These were the stats from his drs appointment:
Weight: 21.9 pounds- 4th percentile
Length: 31.5 cm- 26th percentile
Head Circ: 48.2 cm- 64th percentile

So we have a little skinny guy! I was surprised at that since he doesn't look super skinny but we're working on fattening him up. He's not as good of eater as he once was. I think he's influenced by Ty and gets too busy to eat. 

He loves anything that Ty loves- Cars, trains, Diego, animals, zoo animals, milk, and popsicles. One of my very favorite things that he's done for the last few months is if you are ever sitting on the ground he'll immediately turn around, back up and just sit right into your lap. 

He is constantly grabbing my phone and watching Potty Time or Elf Yourself apps :). He can work it better than me already. The iPad is a real treat and quite amazing how well he can work that too. He definitely has opinions and says "yes" or "no" if he wants to watch or play with something. He understands very well and follows directions pretty well too. One thing that I'm amazed at is how well he shares. Ty will be having a melt down and I'll ask Levi to give him one of something and I expect him to not want to. Yet Levi will go over to Ty, simply hand him whatever it is which makes Ty stop freaking out and then go back to whatever he was doing. Levi is our little peacemaker already. 

Levi is still on his Pulmicort nebulizer daily and will be until the end of April. :( But he hasn't gotten bad wheezy sickness since being on it so it's worth it. Between that and the ear tubes he's much healthier and has a much happier mom. He can drink out of regular cups and loves chocolate chips!

Levi also is starting to say quite a few words and still uses his signs. He's always wanting to go to preschool with Ty and gets so sad when he's gone. He always has to have shoes on (like Ty) and either has to have his Woody boots or two of Ty's shoes and not necessarily matching. :) He loves taking baths and sleeps like a champ. I'm not looking forward to moving him from his crib- ever- but guess I'll have to do it eventually. He's transitioning from 2 to 1 nap a day and has almost all his teeth in. He runs as fast as he can which usually ends in falling on face since his little legs can't keep up with Ty's speed. He loves playing on playgrounds, brushing his teeth, wearing underwear over his diaper, carrying DVD cases, watching Signing Time, stuffed animals, cars and chunky puzzles. 

His blonde hair is getting dirty blonde and has very dark eyes that aren't necessarily brown. I'm still not sure what color they are. He can give looks that kill and quite often will scowl at strangers no matter how much they smile or try to make him laugh. Then he'll turn to Mom with a smile and then right back to the stranger with that scowl. 

He is constantly falling and seems to always have a bruise or abrasion or some battle wound of some sort. Once one heals, it's time for another one. We put the high chair away since he wants to be BIG and is not my little baby anymore! Having these two boys at this point is more like having twins since they do everything together and aren't too far apart developmentally in many areas. They really are pretty easy now- something I didn't think I'd ever say!! :) Levi is so sweet and calm and adds so much to our family. Sometimes I look at him, our little "surprise" and my heart just melts and I can't imagine life without him or imagine having a new baby instead of him at this point and time. I know him and Ty help each other in so many ways and I love it. So grateful for our growing up, big boy Lev! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wisconsin Trip!

This past weekend my parents, Levi and I took a really quick trip to Wisconsin for Dallin and Amy's last reception! This has been reception #5 in between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the weddings and 2 siblings getting endowed- whew! Kinda excited for things to slow down a little bit! But it was a wonderful trip and I was so glad I went, even if it was so short and long flights with delays. I LOVED seeing my Adams-Friendship family, a small branch that I served in for 9 months. It was sooo funny hearing all the older people say how they seen everything that's been going on in my life on facebook :) Love it! The man next to me is Klishy, one of the only converts that is strong and active. He has been endowed and is now the ward mission leader. He is one of the reasons my mission was worth every second (along with Amy too- I'm sure Dallin would agree :). 

Levi did really well on the all 4 flights! Whew!! I was worried about it and I only got to use the car seat on one of the flights because all the rest were full but he did awesome. Everyone kept commenting on his proficiency with the iPad! I think old people can't get over the fact of how even toddlers use technology all the time :).
Coming home on Sunday night our flight left at 7 pm. When we arrived at 4:30 pm (my parent's flight left at 6 pm) I was informed that Levi and I's flight had been pushed back to 11pm- ugh! That meant we missed our connection in Denver. So after 30 minutes of trying to figure out options of how to get home, we finally settled with the airline putting us in a hotel for the night, providing transportation, $20 for food, bumped up first class tickets for 6:25 am the next day and a voucher for transportation to get home in Utah. I was AMAZED at how nice first class was with a toddler on your lap! I've never been on first class before- it helped a lot for both 2.5 hour flights. The stewardess waited on us hand and foot! Anyways, Levi was a champ and we finally made it home! Poor TJ had to call into work because we didn't have anyone to watch Ty- that was the lame part. 
This is Michael, Amy's sister's boy. Him and Levi had soooo much fun playing together at the reception. He's 2 and a half but "likes Levi better than Ty" cause Levi doesn't fight him when he bosses him around!! haha. Plus, Levi is used to being pushed around. They ran around yelling and throwing themselves head first on the carpet and rolling all around- crazy boys!

I loved being in Wisconsin again and my parents really enjoyed seeing all the red barns and farm houses, over and over. We took the scenic route on the way back to Milwaukee and it was beautiful. Definitely lots of good memories but also felt weird to be there chasing a toddler!! :)

It was fast and testimony meeting so it was fun to be able to bear my testimony in the Adams-Friendship ward on Sunday. I loved going to church there and the small group of people there. Definitely where a piece of my heart will always be. 

Levi enjoying his first class seat and breakfast. 

During our layover in Denver we got Panda Express- Levi was a fan of the orange chicken!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

End of December Stuff

Last week the boys saw some kids sledding and wanted to go. We went home and got all bundled up (obviously you can see that we don't have the best snow gear) and ended up each going down only once because it was soooo COLD! My fingers were numb so quick and being a whimpy AZ girl, snow is NOT fun for me the minute I get cold. Lev and I went back into the car to wait for Ty and TJ. I thought Levi looked ridiculous with his pink hat and adult gloves. :)

In the ER it has been CRAZY how many little kids come in with sledding accidents!! In one weekend we had 10 that I knew of and all of them being ages 11 and under. Please make sure the area where you go is clear of trees and poles. There- that's my two cents about sledding. I'm done now. 

One of my new years resolution is to potty train Ty. I know it might take most of the year but we're going to do it somehow and slowly. In between the holidays and our traveling I'll put underwear on Ty over his diaper when he asks for it to just try to "promote" it. Levi HAD to have some on over his diaper too. It made him look so BIG and GROWN up!!! They look funny with their big, bulging diapers underneath :) Maybe my reward for potty training a really tricky kid will be to have the other one be really easy to train??? Maybe??? One can hope, right?

This picture looks dumb cause it's just me standing there but there is some meaning behind it. During our Allen family Christmas party my Grandma gave all of us $5 and told everyone to do "something good" with it. We decided to go to Savers' half off day and buy warm clothes to drop off to the homeless shelter since I had heard on the radio how they needed it with this cold winter that we're having. So TJ and I combined with Devin and also collected clothing from other people and ended up with 5 bags full of warm clothes!! It was really fun and I was excited to report back to my grandma what we had come up with. When we went to drop it off at the shelter I told TJ to hurry and take a pic of all the clothes before the guy came to the door to get it. TJ was too late and I felt silly so this is the pic that resulted. But this is proof to my Grandma that we did some "good" with the money!!