Friday, December 28, 2012


On Sunday evening, Dec 23, all of us kids went to Winterhaven- several large blocks of houses that decorate extensively for Chirstmas. Roads around it are closed and tons of people just walk around. It's a tradition we grew up doing. Mom and Dad stayed home to wrap presents :)
The boys LOVED it!!! So much fun!

Ty was mesmerized with the Cars house!!! Can't wait for Disneyland and Cars Land soon!!!

I was so surprised when Ty WANTED to put his face in the reindeer! Yay for Ty Ty!

The Love Birds with the baby - aka them in 1 year :) jk

Signing "train"

My camera was being dumb and the flash wasn't going off but it was so cute how the boys recognized baby Jesus and kept giving him hugs and kisses.

Levi kissing baby Jesus

Us Wisconsin girls in front of the Green Bay Packer house!

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