Friday, December 7, 2012

Ty Updates

Just a little update on Ty Ty:

I finally got in contact with the lady that is over this huge Autism Therapy Pilot Program. She was very busy and so I couldn't ask her all the million of questions that I wanted to (ugh, I hate that) but she did say that Ty is NEXT in line to be accepted into this grant program that we all have been fasting and praying for!! WOW!! I thought it was a one-time shot but the lady said they selected 8 kids (19 of them applied, Ty was #10 she said- not sure what the ranking was) for the program but a few of them have moved or opted for other treatment programs and the entire program lasts 2 years so she had no doubt that Ty would make it into the program. She couldn't give me a time frame but hopefully it's sooner rather than later. Sooo... thank you for your caring and thoughts and prayers!! Keep it up, if you don't mind, hehe. :)

In the mean time, he'll keep going into his Bridges preschool and getting the 3 different therapist that come to our house once every two weeks. Between the three of them, Ty has at least someone coming 1-2 times a week plus Bridges 2x week as well. Between all of these we are seeing good progress, especially socially!! He's doing so well! Due to Thanksgiving and busy schedules, his speech therapist, April,  came Nov 1 and then Nov 30. She blown away at the difference between these two visits. It's hard for me to tell since I see him everyday but my mom was shocked as well when we went home to AZ. He is interacting with other kids really well, pretend plays daily, and really cares if you are listening or paying attention. He does this funny little thing where he grabs your face to get you to turn and look at him if you look away or are talking- this is huge for spectrum kids because this shows he cares that you care about what is important to him- yay!!!

His teacher wrote this in his notebook the other day:
"Ty had a great day! He is becoming more and more aware of friends. Everyday he surprises us with all of his spontaneous words and signs. Today I was playing with another child in the ball room. Ty ran up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, touched my face to get my attention and wanted me to look! It touched my  heart. He is so sweet!"

It's interesting, Ty has never had a bad day at preschool (and yes, they would tell us :) They are very used to tantrums and autistic behaviors!). He still has some bad days at home for sure but never there. Whenever we pull into the school he's started to go, "yessssss!" with this little funny arm movement in the air. 

I've also been doing some research on Resistent Eaters. Never knew there was such a thing but now I know a lot. It fits Ty perfectly! 

Some interesting facts:
-75% of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders experience atypical feeding patterns and have limited food preferences. 
-Approximately half of the autism population studied were hypersensitive to textures and lumps in the food (that's Ty exactly). 
-Two thirds experienced problems with foods such as limited food diets and severe food fads.
I just thought Ty was an extremely picky eater!! 

A Resistent Eater is much more than a picky eater. They often exhibit one or more of these characteristics:

1. Limited food selection. Total of 10-15 foods or less.
2. Limited food groups. Refuses one or more food groups (the only meat Ty has ever eaten are chicken nuggets and do they hardly count??)
3. Anxiety and/or tantrums when presented with new foods. Gag or become ill when presented.
4. Experiences food jags (require one or more foods be present at every meal prepared in the same manner).
5. Diagnosed witha  developmental delay such as Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Mental Retardation, or PDD-NOS. 

Interesting huh? Ty fits everyone one of those. They also had a big questionnaire where you could rate your kid and score them. The lowest score was a 10 and the highest was 70, with the higher the number the more resistent eater your kid was. Ty scored a 70 :)

Our speech therapist is working with him on his food treatment plan but it's definitely a very long, slow process. Right now we're working on just tolerating the sight and smell of food by placing the food he doesn't like close by on the table. He's improved with not having tantrums and not gagging just by seeing it on the table! That's huge for us because he used to freak out and throw his entire plate on the ground and tantrum if we asked if he wanted some pizza or something else he doesn't like. Now he just says "no" with a very worried look. We'll take what we can get! He's gained 2 lbs since his 2nd birthday and is in the 23rd percentile for weight and 24th percentile for height (he has well child check ups twice a year) so no worries yet! 

Anyways, enough about this. I just like to document progress and where he's at. It's encouraging to read back and see how far he has come and gives motivation to keep working hard so we can continue that progress even more. :) 

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Karina said...

We had Aprille for Peter's Speech Therapy! Tell her we say hello! Out of the 8 speech therapists we have had for our kids she's my favorite :)